The Miao Chronicles will resume in 7 days, maybe

I will be visiting my brother in Fox Town starting tomorrow. I should have planned a week of posts in advance, but I haven’t been taking photos. Also, I probably won’t have a working computer. I should have listened to the advice and kept my laptop immobilized, but of course I had to drag the thing about town with me and now it seems to have reached another state of deterioration. Maybe it is completely unrelated to the unstable hinge. It was acting fine this afternoon, but when I got home this evening, the screen started acting funny. The start-up screen was normal and the password thing was normal, but as soon as it had started up, the screen went so dark I couldn’t make out anything but the faintest outlines. I adjusted the brightness settings and restarted repeatedly, but nothing worked. I also tried to connect it with my father’s lcd monitor but I must be doing it wrong. I didn’t think it would be complicated.

Hopefully I will be back soon with a functioning laptop, either repaired or (in my dreams) the brand new macbook I’ve been dreaming about for years but can’t afford.

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29 Responses to The Miao Chronicles will resume in 7 days, maybe

  1. Mr. Lurketype says:

    For many Windows laptops, holding the Windows key and pressingng P pops up a dialog for connecting a projector or external monitor. I don’t know the equivalent for the Mac.

    • littlemiao says:

      thanks for the tip! I was able to back up some stuff so now I am feeling a lot better. I don’t have a mac (yet), but clearly I have been brainwashed by their marketing.

  2. lauowolf says:

    Oh noes!
    I hope our computer recovers soon.
    But enjoy your visit, and pat all the resident felines on both ends – of your trip, or of the cat, whichever is easier.

  3. Uh oh! I hope you figure out what’s going on! Have fun on your trip 🙂

  4. I’m wishing for a new Mac for you – it worked for Sprocket’s beret, maybe it will work for a laptop. 🙂 Have fun on your trip, but hurry back. We’ll miss you!

  5. No one HAS to post EVERY day ALL the time. When you return, we will know. Thank Bast fer Reader Programs. MOL!

  6. Have a good time with your brother in Fox Town! Maybe he knows somebody who can fix your laptop, or sells Macs at a huge discount? They are wonderful computers, but I cracked up when a friend bought a top-of-the-line one and she never learned how to use it properly. She was always calling her kids and asking them to help her download photos from her camera or create documents. I think if you’re used to PCs and Windows, switching to a Mac can be a huge adjustment.

    • littlemiao says:

      I’ve used macs before so it wouldn’t be much of a problem. It would be so much better than my silly pc! But my computer has decided to behave itself, for the time being.

  7. happycatgirl says:

    I hope you’ll get a new macbook, perhaps the Miaolings will put their kitty monies together and surprise you! I too have been dreaming of one, complete with photoshop and imovie for better pics and videos. happy travels!

  8. Enjoy your visit with your brother and we too hope your laptop magically repairs itself (!), someone ELSE magically repairs it (!), or you get that macbook you REALLY want… will be missed as well the various and sundry cats in your charge. We’ll be patient…..come back soon!

    Sammy (and his Mom)

  9. Dianda says:

    I hope your computer can be fixed! And have fun at your brothers visit. 🙂

  10. Wazeau says:

    Have a geat visit and take lots of photos!

  11. Jaypo says:

    Hey, I adjusted to my Mac from a Dell laptop! And I’ll never ever ever ever go back. Ever. But your new dream laptop will have to be a Mac Air b/c they don’t make MacBooks anymoar. I haz an artifact on my lap now.

    You can do eet! You can have a Mac lap come to you…!

    • littlemiao says:

      I would get a 13 in. MacBook Pro – small enough but also faster and more storage space for photos and music than the Mac Air. I would love a Mac Air but when I did the comparison the Macbook pro seemed like the best deal. I think my current Dell is a 13 in and that size is manageable, but lighter is always better since it travels in my bag a lot. But I need more than a netbook…

      I guess it’s all theoretical right now since my computer hasn’t misbehaved in over a week! I’m still hoping my dream will come true… 🙂

      • *cough*Samsung!*cough*

        • littlemiao says:

          I’ve been so totally brainwashed by the Apple ads! I even have an Apple sticker on my Dell laptop. I admit that I haven’t looked into Samsung. I really value your judgment in such matters and I know I *should* find out more.

          My computer has acquired more stickers since this photo (mostly turtles):
          Chun and his kitty carrier

          • I think what you should do is figure out the specs you want, see what kind of prices come up (maybe decide on a price range), and narrow things down based on reviews and overall thoughts on brands. Macs have their ups and downs and…well, I think they’re a bit overpriced for what you get, especially when you want to upgrade something like memory. Theirs is WAY overpriced and if you hop on the Apple help communities, a lot of people recommend ordering different memory (they include links). We had to get a new Mac mini at work and upgraded the memory on our own. It was around $40 compared to the $200 Apple was wanting. :p

            My laptops are stickerless. They might like a few..

      • Jaypo says:

        That’s good to know about the comparison in storage. My Mac, at this point, is five (5!!) years old. I’d love a MacB Pro at some point, but the longer I have this one, the more I love how long it’s lasted. It’s like all my Hondas. They’ve lasted forever, even beyond when they ought to have!

  12. littlemiao says:

    Aww, no! that’s the little webcam thing, right? My laptop has reached a new stage of disintegration. The plastic casing around the screen is splitting apart and I had to clamp it together with a large metal clip. It makes such loud groaning noises when I try to close it that I have to keep it open now, which means I can’t take it anywhere.

    Maybe I’ll wake up with $1000 under my pillow.

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