Yoga for Miaolings!

My Miaolings’ yoga practice devolved into wrestling and chomping.

Oh look, I finally did a slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Imagine this scene going on under you while you are trying to practice upward bow, or worse yet, a Sprockitty chomping on your ankle when you are in the middle of half-moon pose. It definitely adds a certain level of excitement and danger. You never know where there will be a kitty tail to be stomped.

The importance of perspective! Sprocket actually isn’t as tall as Chun yet, though he is rounder.
yoga miaolings 2-27-2012 3-53-34 PM

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27 Responses to Yoga for Miaolings!

  1. LOVED the slideshow. What fun!

  2. Laurie says:

    But really, doesn’t any Miaoling activity devolve into wrestling and chomping, no matter what it started out as?

    If I do yoga at home, my downward-facing dog inevitably finds an upward-facing cat right under me, all “Hai hai! Whatcha doin’?” And if I sit cross-legged to start a practice, Tumbleweed just takes that as an invitation to curl up in my lap, and then I feel bad if I turf him out to move to another pose.

    • littlemiao says:

      lolz, downward facing dog with upward facing cat. heehee.

      I get nervous when I try the poses where I’m not so stable. Someone could get seriously squished! And Sprocket can’t resist the temptation of toes.

  3. lahgitana says:

    Our Calpurrnia hears me get the soft, squishy mat that I use for stretching and there she is: always under my legs or at my head. Am I on her turf and she wonders what it is I think I’m doing?

  4. Laurie says:

    My cats also feel that if I’m down on the floor, it must be to play with them, because that’s their level.

  5. nadbugs says:

    Gosh. This never happens over at our house. Do cats really do this?

    And lm knows the background over here, to read in the heavy, heavy sarcasm. For those of you who aren’t familiar — well, just add NOT NOT NOT to everything I say above. So nice to have the company, lm!

  6. Marilia says:

    Hahahahahhaha! I love this!

  7. They’re so silly (and need to work on their quiet concentration πŸ˜‰ )

  8. Mr. Guilt says:

    Cute slideshow.

    As it appears to be the case with Chun and Sprocket, anytime Eddy and Beso start doing something, it devolves into a wrestling match. So much fun for kitties!

    • littlemiao says:

      And so much fun to watch too!

      so brother & sister don’t wrestle too much?

      • Mr. Guilt says:

        Luna does play, too, though she tends to like sneak attacks. It’s rather impressive that Luna has figured out that, in spite of her relatively small size, she can use leverage to flip the boys. It’s also common for the boys to have a game that spans the whole downstairs, with Luna running from spot to spot to get a good vantage on the game.

        • littlemiao says:

          Aww, that sounds kind of like when Chun chases Lotus – Sprocket will tag along and look for the best opportunity to join in. So poor Lotus ends up getting tag-teamed by the Miaolings! None of the other Miao Brothers seem to want to join in the games. They get cranky and yowl and Chun and Sprock have to back off.

          I’ve never seen Sprocket flip anyone – he just uses his considerable mass to barrel everyone over. But Luna could probably out-run him, especially on the stairs.

  9. Wazeau says:

    Great slide show! My two are more into Tag-Your-It then wrestling. Two cats sound like four elephants when they charge up and down stairs!

  10. Lurkertype says:

    All Miaoling sports devolve into mixed martial arts.

    Cats love to “help” us with our exercise. Mine particularly like to get in the way when I’m using the Wii. there’s one exercise where I’m supposed to sit absolutely still on the board, so of course the kitties have to try to get into my lap and then it yells at me for being off-balance.

  11. leendadll says:

    “KItty Krav Maga” is one of the reasons I won’t buy workout equipment for the house. I know I’ll end up with a cat caught in the machine!

  12. We have been enjoying the yoga exercizes!

  13. What Chun lacks in roundness he makes up for in surliness. πŸ˜€

    Great job on the slideshow! As for your yoga practice, I recommend replacing your Half Moon with a Pidgeon. Much more sensible for yoga with Miaos!

    • littlemiao says:

      Pidgeons! Sprocket wouldn’t be able to resist anything feathered!

      I wish I could do crane pose but I have no upper body strength. I think it’s also called crow pose. I can imagine how much Sprocket would love it! I just googled peacock pose which would have to be his absolute favorite. I won’t be doing that any time soon!

  14. Redscylla says:

    Silly sillies. I always end up with a cat perched on my rump during down dog.

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