Expressive Miaolings

I’m not sure what they are expressing, though.

chun 2-16-2012 8-55-44 AM
sprocket 2-16-2012 9-06-16 AM

– I am wrapping up February LetterMo but I still have a small handful of letters to send out tomorrow. Thank goodness it is a leap year. The extra day is coming just in time.
– I am constantly amazed by my ability to procrastinate. I’m not even aware of *how* I am wasting time, it just disappears. On second thought, it mostly disappears on the internets.
– Speaking of computerish things, my laptop is becoming unhinged. Literally. The right-sided hinge thing has been creaky for a few weeks. I wouldn’t call it unstable, but it is on it’s way. And when the screen blinks, is it really blinking or is it just in my mind? Food for thought.
– Speaking of food, Chun fought with me for my spiced sweet potato breakfast (of course I ended up sharing generously with him) and I promised Papa Miao some tahini lime cookies, so I better get with it.

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10 Responses to Expressive Miaolings

  1. Whoa, great photos! As a WordPress photographer, I really enjoy these kinds of posts. Great job!

  2. Mr. Guilt says:

    Check Craig’s list for an external monitor. You might be able to pick up an old CRT for free or cheap (like $20-30), or even an LCD for not-much-more (a quick scan in Cincinnati had notions running from free to $50-60 for a newish LCD). You might have to make your laptop stationary to preserve the hinge (i.e. not open-and-close it), but it will at least give you a decent screen and less flicker.

    • littlemiao says:

      I think my mother has an LCD monitor she could lend me. I suppose if my laptop can’t travel any more, I will need to get another (though I can’t exactly afford one at this point, but that’s what credit cards are for, right…?).

      Thanks for the suggestions! I will try to open and close it less frequently.

  3. Thats why we love our solid desktop puter! No hinges…

  4. I think the boys are expressing a LOT of “cute” in those photos… indeed they are expressive Miaolings!!

    Sammy (and Pam)

  5. Dianda says:

    Awe, laptops. 😦
    The wires between the hinge on my previous laptop were broken.
    Hence the reason it’s not working anymore.

  6. Marilia says:

    These photos are so cute!

  7. amelie says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I look up from the computer and 2 hours have gone by when I thought it was 15 minutes. As long as I was doing work I don’t panic as much, lol!

    Sprocket looks to be in pensive mode. So cute with the whiskers.

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