Miscellaneous Miaos & Miaolings

Here is a photo of Merlin from a couple days ago. He seems to be doing about the same. His favorite nap-spot is currently a box on the kitchen floor. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts.
merlin 2-21-2012 6-05-33 PM

More Miaos. It is well-known that the Miao Brothers love snuggles.
3miaos 2-18-2012 4-12-07 PM

Chun never snuggles with anyone but me. I wish his uncles could convince him to be cuddlier.
chun 2-19-2012 2-40-27 PM

Sprocket needs no convincing. He is a great communal snuggler and I had a recent photo to prove it but I can’t find it. So here is a Sprocket on a fleece ready for a snuggle.
sprocket 2-19-2012 2-42-04 PM

Last night I fell asleep snuggling with Sprockpurrs. I woke up at some point full of sadness because he wasn’t there any more. 😦 I thought he had abandoned me. I went back to sleep, though not as peacefully. But when I woke in the morning, I found that Sprockers had been there all along, burrowed under my five quilts and countless fleeces. It’s easy to get lost, even on a twin-sized bed.
sprocket 2-19-2012 2-42-40 PM

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10 Responses to Miscellaneous Miaos & Miaolings

  1. Lauri says:

    You never had to be sad. Sprockpurrs are always within hailing distance!
    Dear Merlin. He looks cozy. Love the Mercat!

  2. Laurie says:

    It’s nice to see Merpurr again!

    Also, here’s an Etsy seller who’s got newsboy caps and a top hat for cats, as well as many bowties and fancy collars to go with them.

  3. You must have a very cozy bed. 😀
    Ohai Merpuff and other Miaos!

  4. Marilia says:

    Oh my… what a beautiful photos!

  5. Lurkertype says:

    Miss Tortie Princess slept with me last night. Mostly on the foot of the bed, but at dawn she came up and said “Mrt? Mrt?” and got under the covers with me and snuggled and purred. When I woke up she was back at the foot.

    Good to see Tash/Mani/Kemi and I love the Merpurr photo. He is still totally Merp. Little squooshy face.

  6. amelie says:

    Many hugs to Merlin. He’s lucky to have such a good mom. Aw, sprocket is beautiful. And the Miaos! I am in love, they seem in perfect sync with each other! What a lovely sight. I love Ives more than any creature on Earth but I do miss having multiple cats around.

  7. zigzagmags says:

    Hai Professor! I see you there snuggling 🙂

    ps. Hai littleM

  8. Super Duper photos…….the gang is ever so photogenic……nice to see Merlin box-napping….Sam is a fan of those as well.

    Pam (and Sam)

  9. Love all these kitties. How wonderful to have a great home. And i hope Merlin is feeling better. He’s such a beautiful cat.

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