Chun tries out his Valentine’s Day hat!

chun 1-28-2012 3-56-12 PM

Another creation from To Scarborough Fair

chun hat 1-28-2012 4-00-34 PM

chun 1-28-2012 3-59-44 PM

The photo session took place during another failed room-cleaning attempt.

Remember Sprocket in this hat?
valentine's day hat for sprocket

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15 Responses to Chun tries out his Valentine’s Day hat!

  1. Hubby heard me make the OMG cute! noise and asked why. I said its a cat in a hat that is so cute it makes me want to barf! Not the best compliment, but true and from the heart – stomach – wherever…

  2. jessica says:

    Aww way too precious!

  3. Dianda says:

    Chun looks really handsome with that Valentines hat!

  4. Very snazzy head gear the boys are sporting…..Sam is beyond jealous…..he was already bugging me about a beret for Christmas….now the Valentine’s hat is catching his fancy. Before you know it he’ll be asking for a hat tree to put his hat collection on. I may have to come out of retirement to make enough money to support his chapeau addiction. Who knew??

    Pam (with Sam supervising)

  5. Awwww! Is he enjoying his new hat?

  6. Natalie says:

    It suits him. Very stylish!

  7. Lurkertype says:

    Chun looks so handsome I can hardly believe it! So debonair and manly.

  8. I hope the person who runs To Scarborough Fair is paying your Miaos a commission. Such stylish models! Too sexy for their hats!

  9. I’m pretty sure my human would need Super Glue to get photos of me like that… Great job, Littlemiao!

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