Time for a nose beeeep

Because Chun says so.
chun 1-16-2012 12-52-29 PM

Interesting search terms from the past couple days:
– “women dressed like cats wearing berets”
– “sleepy insect invasion”

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17 Responses to Time for a nose beeeep

  1. Lurkertype says:

    When isn’t it time for a nose beep, really?


  2. Nose-kisses! Ps- I’m always tempted to mention the odd ways people find my blog!

  3. “Sleepy insect invasion” what are people thinking??? How about “sweet little angelic kitten”? or something rational for a change! Love this picture of your kitty!

  4. Oldcat says:

    “women dressed like cats wearing berets”

    So that’s how she gets a Beret on a cat!

    She’s wearing a Chun-suit!

  5. “Fred car brake” “Lapplander penguin roast”

  6. Beep right back atcha Chun!! Mom and I get some weird search terms too….makes you wonder what’s going on in space sometimes doesn’t it?????

    Happy Friday (or is it Beepday??)

  7. robpixaday says:

    (those are tiny finger beeps; there weren’t any cat noses in the file)

  8. Brown Suga' says:

    Any time is a good time for a nose beep!

    By the way, are Chun’s eyes slightly dichromatic or is it just the photo? His left eye looks a different blue from the right. And now that I’ve seen this, I see it in other photos too.

  9. Leia says:


    We get some odd searches on our blog too. Mostly humans wanting to do unspeakable things to us. O.O

  10. Are you OK, Littlemiao? I can’t remember the last time you took a few days off from posting…

  11. Natalie says:

    Beeeep! Such a gorgeous kitty!

  12. Alexandra says:

    My imagination pictures something crazy at this “sleepy insect invasion” 🙂 I love how so many commenters said “beep” here :))

  13. lauowolf says:

    Hey, go read my blog on Real Mail.
    I am fomenting snail mails to peeps.
    In February.

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