Green and Gold

His favorite position – lounging on his left side. Not having an extra leg makes it comfier.
redcloaksprocket 1-2-2012 4-29-14 PM
redcloaksprocket 1-2-2012 4-29-03 PM

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12 Responses to Green and Gold

  1. midnitechef says:

    Is Miao missing a rear leg? Poor kitty!

  2. eellaaiinnee says:

    Handsome, confident boy!

  3. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

  4. Dianda says:

    He looks so relaxed!

  5. Lurkertype says:

    I am convinced Sprockers looks good against any color. He is so handsome.

    What an inspirational kitty he is, as well as adorable. Our favorite tripod.

  6. Hmmm – that does look comfier sans rear leg…

  7. nadbugs says:

    Wow. What an adaptation. Wanting to learn from his example. And yours, who made it all possible.

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