Red & Green

redcloaksprocket 1-2-2012 4-17-27 PM
redcloaksprocket 1-2-2012 4-19-17 PM

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14 Responses to Red & Green

  1. Mr. Lurketype says:

    My goodness. He’s trying to look regal, isn’t he.

  2. robpixaday says:

    The ever-patient Sprocket!

  3. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

  4. incaunipocrit says:

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

  5. Ohmygoshthisisthecutestposeyet!

  6. Those beauty marks need kisses!

  7. Lurkertype says:

    Is that a CAPE?

    This is definitely his school picture.

    Last night TK was bouncing around and I told him he was being very Sprocketty. And that I hope Sprockers grew up better than him.

    • littlemiao says:

      Mama M got him a little red cape. He’d make an adorable Little Red Riding Hood, if only the cape had a hood. Chun could dress up as a Big Bad Wolf. But Little Red Riding Hood would be the one attacking the wolf, not the other way around.

      Sprockers and TK would have a ton of fun together. I think by the end of the day, TK might even begin to sympathize with HRT.

  8. It looks like you may have forgotten the “Say cheese!” part of the photo shoot. He’s looking way too solemn. (but still adorable)

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