Cookies for Sprockers

I’m lazy so I’m posting the same pictures here as I am on my food blog, which has been neglected for a few days out of laziness.

don’t forget to wash your paws before you eat!
nomnomnom 12-17-2011 8-42-29 PM

serious about cookies
nomnomnom 12-17-2011 8-40-21 PM

*very* serious about cookies
nomnomnom 12-17-2011 8-38-38 PM

yummy kitten tongue
nomnomnom 12-17-2011 8-41-45 PM

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13 Responses to Cookies for Sprockers

  1. ANOTHER Bakery Cat! Well met, Sprocket.
    ~The Baby

  2. elizabethannewrites says:

    He is adorabubble! What kind of cookies does he like best?

  3. Kitteh tung! Oh, how I love it!

  4. He’s sooo cute!!! It was like he were endorsing the cookies. :))

  5. Aww… There’s nothing I like more than photos of grooming. Good job, Sprocket! Way to keep those little paws purrfectly white!

    And nice-looking cookies, too, Littlemiao.

  6. nadbugs says:

    Fantastic pictures. The “paw-washing” one made me think of ice-cream cones. Think of? What am I saying. I WANT. EVERYTHING. Sprockies, cookies, ice-cream cones.

  7. Jaypo says:

    Have I ever seen a HAPPIER Sprocky? I think not… Mishoo be partial to toast, though he did beg for a bite of butter cookie yesterday.

  8. Dianda says:

    He really seems to enjoy it!

  9. Too cute! I didn’t know cats eat cookies!

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