Halloween in December

Lotus looks quite bewitching in his lavender-trimmed witch’s hat.

Lotus in lavender witch hat!
witchhatloto 12-8-2011 12-53-30 PM
witchhatloto 12-8-2011 12-53-10 PM

He still manages to look batcatly despite his hat.
witchhatloto 12-8-2011 12-52-31 PM

This hat, like the blue beret, is from ToScarboroughFair, where it is available in a variety of colors. It was intended to be part of Sprocket’s Halloween costume, but you can imagine how eagerly he tried to devour the little wig (wiglet!) and ribbon. Sprocket made his own Halloween costume, so it worked out okay in the end. Chun refused to wear the witch’s hat because it isn’t trimmed in blue. Lovely Lotus BatCat, who never fails me in times of need, gallantly volunteered to model the poor neglected witch’s hat.

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17 Responses to Halloween in December

  1. robpixaday says:

    Lotus! So amazing!
    He’s wondrously batcatly at all times; handsome and sartorially splendid!!!

    Sweetie is VERY impressed! (He says he’d be on the chomp-this-hat-to-bits-team, given the opportunity.(

    • littlemiao says:

      Thank you, robbie!

      It is a very tempting hat for chomping. The etsy shop sells some adorable hats with feathers, including a puss in boots hat with a gorgeous plume, the perfect blue for Chun, but I’m afraid I can’t trust Chun with it. Certainly not Sprocket, and probably not Lotus either.

  2. Wazeau says:

    I just love the expression in the last photo and the way the purple feathers float down over his fluffy cheeks. Very nice.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    Well of course, it’s lavender, and so is Batcat. He knows that’s his color.

    You really do need to do a calendar.

    I myself have a Three Musketeers type hat that I have to keep shut away. It has a plume over a foot long — I think it’s ostrich — and is too temping for kitty teeth.

  4. Lotus looks fabulous. I’m afraid I would need to eat the wiglet.

  5. Winter solstice is also celebrated by witches, so don’t put away the hat and spells yet! But I wish now they made a hat like that for humans. The ribbons are a nice touch.

  6. lauowolf says:

    He looks oddly Welsh to me in this hat.
    And of course Chun refused to wear it.
    It’s Lotus’ hat, and he is a virtuous brother, and will not be tempted to do Bad Things.

  7. Sandy says:

    Purrfect witch costume. You take the best darn pictures ever! Sure wished you lived closer so you good take pictures of my kitties!!

  8. eLeN says:

    His eyes are so beautiful

  9. leendadll says:

    lol – the last one reminds me of someone wearing a really bad costume while thinking they look great. I’m not saying Lotus looks bad – just that a person would.

    Love the photos

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