Chun’s Yearbook Photo

chun 12-11-2011 12-56-47 PM

They don’t do yearbook photos in kittengarten, so I don’t have one of Sprocket yet. He is learning to fold paper cranes, which incidentally make a great snack for a hungry kitten.
yummycrane 12-7-2011 7-26-00 PM

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23 Responses to Chun’s Yearbook Photo

  1. Wazeau says:

    Chun looks so handsome and studious! Sprocket… well… so very sprockety, eh?

  2. Dianda says:

    What a handsome cat!

  3. elizabethannewrites says:

    I wonder if Chun would sign my yearbook?

    As for Sprocket, when ISN’T a kitten hungry? (Hint: it’s a trick question.)

  4. Lauri says:

    Wonderful yearbook photo of Chun!
    Nomnomnom on paper cranes! Orion would love them. He’s a paper fiend!

  5. Lauri says:

    Oh your banner is priceless! The blue eyes and the green!

  6. robpixaday says:

    Heee……”Most Likely to PURRRRR!”

    Ahhhh…….brilliant, beautiful, handsome, adorable…..and SO SWEET!!!
    Wonderful pix!!!!
    VERY special kitteeeez!

  7. Squee! I love his yearbook photo! 😀

  8. Chun was class president, three times in a row, right? Plus “Most Popular Boy” and Homecoming King?

  9. lauowolf says:

    I want to sign his yearbook, but am too shy to ask.
    I hope he just passes it around the group of us.

  10. Lurkertype says:

    I definitely want to see what’s written next to Chun’s photo in the yearbook. He is definitely the BCOC (Big Cat On Campus).

  11. Chun must be first in his class. He looks very smart! And it’s great that kittengarten teaches indoor kitties how to catch birds. That’s an important skill to hone in a house full of cranes.

    • littlemiao says:

      First in cuteness! It’s amazing what a bow-tie can do. Chun is very clever but he has never really been interested in academic pursuits. He’s more of an athletics type of kitty.

  12. spock1013 says:

    Such a good picture! His eyes look so pretty and quite a dashing tie he’s got on. I’m going to guess Sprocket is more of the class clown type? Heh.

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