Some Miao Cousins!!

These photos have been languishing on my computer since October. The Fox kitties are short on floof but very cute. I miss them!!

The Handsome Corexit
corexit 10-7-2011 9-58-02 AM

Jeremy Cat, the house-guest
jeremycat 10-7-2011 1-50-45 PM

Ozzy!!! Ozzy!!!
ozzy 10-7-2011 9-37-18 AM

corexit 10-5-2011 12-23-25 PM

Ozzy and the funny-looking elephant pillow from China
ozzy 10-5-2011 12-21-20 PM

Ozzy nose!
ozzy 10-7-2011 9-41-33 AM

corexit 10-7-2011 9-59-06 AM

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15 Responses to Some Miao Cousins!!

  1. Dianda says:

    They look adorable! Especially Ozzy with the elephant, haha.

  2. Redscylla says:

    Ozzy looks like he might bite the head off a bat! Rawr! Crazy Train!

  3. lahgitana says:

    can we beep noses on this bunch?! you take lovely, lovely pictures, Miss Miao!

  4. Ack! So much cuteness! I want to collect them all!

  5. Wazeau says:

    I must admit I’m partial to Ozzy too… handsome fellow!

  6. Lurkertype says:

    I love Corexit for obvious reasons, but Ozzy has such a delightful face.

    • GanLu says:

      i don’t have favourites among my cats, but if my house were a pirate ship, corexit would definitely be my “first mate”.

      my sister needs to post some pictures of heqat. i need to take more pictures of heqat! i’ve taken to calling him “the perfect one” and “the soft one”. he’s soooo soft and sweet. when he and corexit hang out together, big tuxie brother and little tuxie brother, it’s just soooooo adorable. heqat’s so big now. corexit seems to be developing number 5’s narrow build and sleek fur texture, while heqat so far more resembles bungalow with his soft full fluffiness. and i just got all the boys neutered this past weekend, so hopefully heqat’s fur will stay soft and kitteny forever!

      which reminds me. i need to take pictures of bungalow too. she was always so waifish. but now that she’s gotten comfortable with being spayed and all that, she’s gotten FAT. soooo plush and luxurious! i’m so proud of her!

      • littlemiao says:

        I love Heqat too! Remember how bad I felt after I said he was last on my list of kittens to kidnap? I repented and completely changed my mind. In July, he ignored me, but he was so affectionate to me in October. It’s not my fault that he’s camera shy. 😦 Last time I visited, I didn’t take many photos. Next time, I’ll have to make a more coordinated effort. I did get some of Bungalow. I just need to find them and upload them.

        Also Dalek – I got a few pictures of his round belly. I ❤ them all. Please pet them for me, and maybe sneak an extra skritch for Ozzy-o when the others aren't looking.

      • Lurkertype says:

        I don’t care which one of you posts it, but we need to see more pictures of all of them! You have beautiful kitties and so it is your duty to improve the karma of the world by showing the rest of us photos.

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