Stuff on my miaolings

First, a Ping update: His appetite is still strong and he seems to be adjusting well to the decreased sub-Q fluids. Right now he is napping in his usual comfy chair spot with Tashi snuggled in his floof for warmth. We are so relieved!

Crane on my miaoling
kittycrane 11-30-2011 7-14-29 PM

My miaoling squishes the crane in his spleep
kittycrane 11-30-2011 7-13-32 PM

Then the crane got hungry for hummus
cranehummus 11-30-2011 7-17-12 PM

Polar bear on my miaoling
chunandgustav 11-26-2011 11-17-55 PM

Sprocket’s favorite nap spot
kittycrane 11-30-2011 7-14-57 PM

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23 Responses to Stuff on my miaolings

  1. It looks so cuddly and warm in your house with all the sleeping Miaos. But raiding cranes might explain why the hummus disappeared in our house over the weekend. That, or my midnight-snacking brother, who denies he touched the hummus….

    I’m so glad Ping is better. Your home is a good place to recover.

  2. pegoftilling says:

    So glad about Ping!

    For a second I thought Sprocket crushed the crane with his spleen. Must get glasses checked…

  3. Sprocket spleeping is so cute, but I’m beginning to think he’s come down with narcolepsy! 😀

    Glad Ping is feeling good, and that his serf is keeping him nice and warm.

  4. Dianda says:

    Yay! Ping is still doing great! That is good news! 🙂

  5. trishc1812 says:

    Yay on Ping doing better.
    Yay for polar bears on kitties
    Yay for cranes not being squished by spleens
    Just, YaY! all around.

  6. robpixaday says:

    Hooray for good news and sturdy paper cranes!! And polar bears that don’t squish the kitteeee.
    Chun looks like he might have a cross word or two for that polar bear.
    Sprocket is a very dedicated sleeper.

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