Ping update

Thank you, wonderful peeps, for sending Ping your good thoughts.

The emergency vet did complete bloodwork for Ping. Unfortunately, I did not have a copy of Ping’s most recent bloodwork (pretty sure it was late summer), but I remembered that the doctors were positive about how things looked with his chronic renal issues. Today, his kidney values were high, but without the comparison, it is hard to know exactly how much things have changed. The emergency vet thinks that the nausea and lethargy are a result of rising kidney levels. Instead of having him hospitalized, which would be traumatic for all concerned, we are giving him extra subcutaneous fluids and some anti-nausea meds. That should get him through the weekend. On Monday morning, we’ll take him to our regular vet.

He has spent the day quietly. He hasn’t eaten anything, but he hasn’t been vomiting either. He was napping on the comfy living room chair with Tashi for a few hours, in their regular spot. Just a short time ago, he rolled on the floor with his belly showing and he was looking much perkier than before. The emergency vet said that he might be a little slower to feel better at first, but so long as things aren’t getting worse it’s a good sign.

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31 Responses to Ping update

  1. leendadll says:

    Glad things are looking better and sending good jujus!

    Espressa goes in for a kidney follow-up tomorrow (she was just diagnosed with the start of kidney disease about 6 months ago).

    • littlemiao says:

      Good luck to Espressa! The Miaos will keep her in their purrs. I want to say that Ping has had it to come degree for three years, but time kind of glumps together in my mind and I can’t measure it.

  2. trishc1812 says:

    I’m so glad he is feeling better. I hope Monday’s trip to the vet gives you some answers and Ping is feeling better real soon.

  3. nadbugs says:

    Poor baby. I trust the handmaidens and other servants are attending to his every need. Great news the attention’s working. ‘Til Monday, we await.

  4. We had a cat who had one kidney shut down, so we had to do subcu fluids on him for awhile. He lived another five years and was fine with special kidney-diet food and the occasional visit to the vet. But “perkier” is the key: if within 24 hours after treatment, Ping is showing a lot more energy and isn’t in that curled-up “I feel sick, Mom” position, then he’s on the mend. Here’s hoping the regular vet will say the same thing.

  5. Laurie says:

    Thank you for the update, LittleM, and I’m relieved he’s been looked at and also that he’s not being sprocketted by a junior kitterling while he’s trying to rest and recover.

  6. Glad he’s feeling better for now. Kitty & I will be keeping him (and all of the Miaos) in our thoughts…

  7. ::keeps paws crossed:: Keep feeling better, Your Royal Floofiness!

  8. msmouse7 says:

    Thank goodness Ping is feeling a little better. I think that subcutaneous fluids is always a good pick-me up. It sure helped Sunni on the road to recovery several months ago. Am sending good thoughts your way. So are Sunni and MeiMei of course!

  9. Brown Suga' says:

    Glad he’s doing better. Sending good thoughts. (((hugs)))

  10. Dianda says:

    He’s feeling a little better now, that’s good! I hope it stays that way.

  11. Shirley says:

    So glad to hear that he is feeling better and clearly getting mountains of love! Well wishes and happy thoughts all weekend!

  12. Drude says:

    Oh, Little M and Ping, I so hope this is just a temporary thing and he will be better again soon. Encourage drinking as much as you can.. if he likes running water, filtered or bottled water, cold or warm water, fresh or stale water – offer it all… leave a dish in every room, so he doesn’t have to make too much effort to go get it… remind him it’s there whenever you think he might be able to squeeze a bit more water down. If the kidneys aren’t working quite right, you need more water volume to wash all the ‘wastes’ out of his blood if you can get him past the point where he feels nausea and just wants to curl up and do nothing and to a point where he drinks all he needs then he’ll feel much better…

    • littlemiao says:

      He usually likes water in a mug but he won’t drink anything yet. We did the syringe thing, but he really really doesn’t like being forced to take anything. The emergency vet has us giving him 350ml of sub-Q fluids a day, divided over three times. We’ll give him more water by mouth later too.

      • Drude says:

        That is a lot of sub-Q water. That must help him a lot. I bet he won’t be thirsty at all then. There’s just to wait and see and to keep him comfy.

  13. jimmie chew says:

    so glad to hear he is getting better!!! I am sure you are take’n very good care of him, good luck on Monday, I really hope he is well by then (did you try Brewers yeast flakes with his food, maybe that will make him eat?) poor kitty, I hope he is ok soon.

  14. Lurkertype says:

    Is Ping on kidney food? Our Ping-type kitty, we “watered” him every night. With a wash bottle from chem lab, Mr. LT would squirt a stream directly into kitty’s mouth, it was a fun game for both of them. We also got him a fountain.

    Has he eaten? It’s important to get him to eat anything, even if it’s not the healthiest.

    • littlemiao says:

      Yes, his crunchies are a prescription kidney diet. Ping normally is really good about drinking lots of water. He likes to drink from mugs (as do several of the Miao Brothers). We gave him a little water by syringe, but he really doesn’t like the process.

      I like the idea of watering kitties. The more you water them, the floofier they get.

      • Sometimes my human waters Kitty with a tiny eyedropper – Kitty seems to mind that less than other methods. If Ping doesn’t like other watering methods, try a bit of warm tuna broth from an eyedropper. Unfortunately, that method of watering doesn’t appear to cause floof growth. Maybe Kitty needs fertilizer. 😀

        Isn’t it funny that as soon as anyone is sick, all humans (and apparently Pedros) become medical professionals with lots of advice?

        Kitty and I are still sending good thoughts your way…

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