in which littlemiao decides to be productive but posts miaoling photos instead

I got done with work an hour earlier than expected. So now I’m home. I ate a tahini lime cookie to refuel. Tahini is almost as marvelous as chocolate, but perhaps I should add chocolate chips next time. Now I could go running but I need to take a day off at least once a week, or so I’ve heard. I don’t want running to become another form of procrastination, and I want to make sure my joints stay happy.

Here are my options for the next couple hours:

a) catch up on peeps’ blogs while type comments one-handed because I have to support a sleepy purry Sprockey on my lap

b) make a kale soup before the kale goes bad

c) wash all of the dishes and clear off all the counters (a rare occurrence but it didn’t used to be…)

d) all of the above.

I think the correct answer is “d”. I could surprise Papa Miao with the soup I promised him a week ago, and a clean kitchen would be nice too. But I have to wait until Sprocket is done purring.

He’s in a large mixing bowl in this picture. I put him in it the first time but then he went back by himself. It is Sprocket-sized, for now.
mixing bowl 11-17-2011 11-06-25 PM
mixing bowl 11-17-2011 11-06-18 PM

Here is a picture of Chun from early summer. Sprockey was a teeny tiny itty bitty kitten then and I did not know him yet.
chun 6-22-2011 6-10-34 AM

Here is a picture that shows off Chun’s stripes. Sprocket will never have stripes, except his silly skunk stripe.
chun 6-27-2011 2-24-13 PM

Here is a picture of Sprocket taking a nap on one of the softest fleeciest beds ever. Why don’t they make these big enough for people too?
sprocket 11-18-2011 2-44-32 PM

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21 Responses to in which littlemiao decides to be productive but posts miaoling photos instead

  1. Lauri says:

    Hooray for your goals! And good luck!
    I made a Mexican casserole, refried beans, black beans, salsa, rice and chicken. With torilla chips on top.
    And Stringy boy has been on my lap purring and rubbing my hands and making it pretty much immpossible to type!

    • littlemiao says:

      That sounds yummy! I made another coconut lentil curry last night, this time with sweet potatoes and bamboo shoots and red peppers. It was so good and I made enough for a few days.

      I actually didn’t do too badly – the soup came out fine and I did maybe 80% of the dishes. Unfortunately, there are new dishes already. 😦

  2. lahgitana says:

    Sprocket doesn’t mind that his bed has “Fido” sewn on it?! and a picture of a DOG?! >:-D

    He’s mighty cute in that mixing bowl!

  3. Laurie says:

    I used to weigh my rescue kittens in mixing bowls so they wouldn’t scamper off the scales. Sprocket looks adorable in his. Of course, he looks adorable in anything.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    I actually saw “AWWWWWWAWWWWW!” out loud when I saw the first photo.

    Miaoling pictures are good for everyone’s karma.

  5. Maybe Sprocket should come live with me for a while. I’d be a fantastic role model (or roll model if Sprocket and I keep getting rounder!) and I’d teach him how to be a productive black & white ball of floof when he grows up… Pretty please?

  6. minlit says:

    LOVE sprockett in green bowl. Didn’t realise he had a skunk stripe too – so does Toko! Also, a word on procastination:
    Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

  7. Dianda says:

    I wish I could cuddle them through the computer.

  8. robpixaday says:

    Purrs rule the world!!!!!

    such adorable kittypix!

  9. nadbugs says:

    My kitchen has dirty dishes from collard greens + sweet potato soup. I’m doing blogs. I’m having fun. I am ignoring the kitchen. Nadbugs to Kitchen: GO AWAY. I want to be with miaolings. Bugs? I don’t know where he is. As usual.

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