in which littlemiao confesses to hoarding glass bottles

…the decluttering continues…

This is the first of many confessions.

I have a rather large collection of kombucha bottles. I haven’t gotten rid of a single one for almost two years. There are an unknown number (no fewer than ten) not pictured here. I want to collect them all. Sadly, they only have a limited number of flavors in Miao Town, next door to Nowhere, so I have a lot of duplicates. I use the bottles for various things – water for the gym, hot tea for work, my own homemade kombucha, and to prevent the Miao Brothers from sharing my water. I don’t technically need so many, but I have no plans to get rid of any of the bottles. I’ve worked so hard to build my collection, and besides, commercial kombucha is so expensive, I feel like the long-term investment of a glass bottle makes it worthwhile. Who knows, maybe one day I will start a mini-kombucha factory. It does get annoying to see them cluttering up the counters and shelves, so I gathered them up and put them in a box.

Perhaps I should mention that I also collect glass jars, only nice glass jars, mostly from peanut butter and tahini. They went in the box too.

Somewhere I have a box of jars from my apartment. I believe there are kombucha bottles in there as well.

The Miaolings helped me choose the box.
declutterday2 11-20-2011 10-16-40 AM

Kemi was uncharacteristically judgmental about my collection. He’s thinking, “that’s just half of it!” He may be right.
declutterday2 11-20-2011 10-20-44 AM

Chun considers joining the kombucha collection.
declutterday2 11-20-2011 10-22-19 AM

The box filled up pretty fast.
declutterday2 11-20-2011 10-28-56 AM

Now I don’t know where to put the box. It’s heavy and it is partially blocking the entrance to the kitchen. So much for decluttering.

Watch for tomorrow’s post, in which I confess to cheating on my bedroom decluttering project.

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22 Responses to in which littlemiao confesses to hoarding glass bottles

  1. How do you keep your glass jars and bottles in one piece with all of the cats? I broke another 1/2 full bottle of balsamic vinegar just last night. I think that’s my 3rd in 3 months… My human is a big fan of plastic these days.

    • littlemiao says:

      I’m pretty lucky. Chun has only broken one glass thing – a big gallon-sized jar that I use for my kombucha. It was on the fridge so we had a shower of glass over everything. But it was thankfully empty, or else we would have had bits of bacteria and yeast cultures everywhere, and it stains. Balsamic vinegar stains too. Perhaps you were trying to dye your white patches?

      I don’t keep jars on the fridge any more.

      The kitties do break an occasional mug. All of the rest of the breakage is human-generated.

      • My human moved all of the breakables from the countertops and the top of the fridge into cupboards when she realized I’m a bit… Clumsy, I guess. Unfortunately, I like cupboards as much as I like the top of the fridge. πŸ™‚ And EVERYTHING stains my white spots. Tomato-based things are worse than balsamic… Although, at least you don’t get marinara bubbling out from under the floor tiles for weeks like spilled balsamic does. My toe floof will be yucky for a while.

        I have 2 bits of wisdom for you about decluttering. A) Your glass jars and bottles are in a box now. If you find a home for the box out of traffic, then you’ve made good progress and you should feel accomplished. And it’s OK to stop right there without fretting about how you SHOULD be doing something else with them. B) If you don’t stop there, and you recycle a portion of them, think about how good you’ll feel about being an over-achiever. But either way, you’re a success!

        • littlemiao says:

          I spoke too soon! Last night, around midnight, Chun knocked down and broke the glass globe and chimney thing of an antique lamp of my grandmother’s. My father felt kind of bad. 😦 Partially because it was his mother’s and he had to clean the mess up (gosh, I’m so unhelpful!) and he was so worried about glass getting in sprock-paws. He said Chun and Sprocket had been chasing each other around, bouncing off the walls. Chun jumped onto a dresser where Sprocket couldn’t reach him and *CRASH*. I wonder if I have a picture of the lamp somewhere…

          I need to give myself a deadline for doing something with my glass containers or I’ll have to force myself to part with some.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree with the Bear — those things should be recycled. Now that they’re in a box, it will be easier to transport them to a facility that does that.

    The top photo looks like a Miaoling argument, or at least wrestling match.

    • littlemiao says:

      Ooof, the voice of reason! I was afraid I would hear it.

      The Miaolings were wrestling but Chun is somewhat miffed that I haven’t trimmed Sprocket’s claws in awhile. Poor Chun. 😦

  3. I collect wine bottles, but it’s starting to take too much room, so I think I’ll remove the labels and just recycle them all. Glass is not an easy thing to store, and since I live with a bunch of hoarders, I don’t feel good about seeing my stuff pile up and take up precious space.

    But I didn’t get through with my decluttering project. I’m going to get back to it tomorrow, when I don’t have my brother using the washer and the vacuum cleaner. But really, it’s not about failed intentions. It’s more about us encouraging each other to get one task done. If we don’t, meh, we can always start again later.

  4. Lauri says:

    Love the pics of the kits “helping”!
    I collect glass bottles, too. I have some weird feeling that should a natural disaster occur I do not want to store water in plastic so I will need all the glass bottles I can find.
    How I will know to start storing water in my bottles is a mystery. Hee.
    And it made me laugh when you said the box was sitting in the kitchen. “So much for decluttering.” That seems to be about how it goes, right?

  5. nadbugs says:

    Listen, I think you’re doing fabulous. I broke my Bean’s prize Quimper plate pretty much right when from the start of when I let her keep me, and things have gone on from there. Also including one of those big gallon cider-containers boy that was fun except when the glass dust got into my frontandback paws for I don’t know six months or something like that. Hey I have a great idea for at least three of those kombucha bottles. Send them over! My Bean’s kombucha bottles are older than the dirt that’s worked its way into where the labels used to be — I know this because she was using the same ones when I came here, and that’s getting on for two years now. You should see what happens to the labels after that long. Yours are so buffed and shiny. Hers are — well, let’s just say that there is absolutely no way she is going to let any picture of any of them get onto her blog. So I can’t show you what they look like. You’ll just have to imagine what over two years of hand-gripping and re-“washing” look like. I’m going to hide behind the stove now. Things look a little better around here by comparison. Your friend –Bugs

    • littlemiao says:

      Aww, sorry about the plate. I looked it up online and they look pretty special. Chun balanced out his relatively glass-friendly history with a bang last night. He smashed an antique glass lamp that had been my grandmother’s. I feel bad for my father but he was primarily worried about glass hurting Sprocket, who was bouncing about the floor. I wonder how close he was when Chun smashed it. *gulp* A narrow escape!

      I would love to share my kombucha bottles with your Bean. I have a couple that look pretty icky (could that be mold growing under the label?) but the new ones seem to stay prettier longer.

  6. Dianda says:

    At least you got some help!

    Shame they can’t help you carrying the box, haha.

  7. happycatgirl says:

    I have a good hack.. but it doesnt declutter, more like look-better-clutter. Use chalkboard paint and paint all your caps/lids. Now you have matching glassware that you can label, and perhaps make some to give out as xmas gifts!

  8. robpixaday says:

    There’s nothing like a box of cats to put things in perspective.


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