Decluttering the Miao House, first attempt

I am participating in the Decluttering Weekend. Today was meant to be the first day, since tomorrow I will be busy, but my efforts this afternoon were sadly lackluster. I think the Miaolings were helping out too much.

In his kitten tent
clutter 11-18-2011 1-47-51 PM

Mostly, I just put away laundry. That took a depressingly long time. Sprocket had fun, though. He got hold of one of my plastic hangers and started chewing. He chewed on the hook part and, just as I was going to take it away, he started gagging, he had gotten it so deep in his throat. I was alarmed. He seemed a little startled by the whole episode but within five seconds, he was sprocketting around again.

Here is a confession: I took a “before picture” but deleted it in disgust before I uploaded it. Suffice it to say that half of my floor was piled with blankets and pillows and clean laundry. Also, two herb plants I thought I could nurse through winter decided to shed all their leaves in my room. The dust-bunnies have been starting a colony of hybrid dust-bunnies – sage and rosemary dust-bunnies.

These are both “after”, but still during since I’ve not finished yet. One of the bookcase shelves is stuck so full of junk that I can’t even remember what is buried in back.
during 11-18-2011 2-44-55 PM after 11-18-2011 3-39-46 PM

My Swedish Ivy is taking over the room as much as my clutter and mess.
swedishivy 11-18-2011 12-54-13 PM

I have three in my room (and an additional one downstairs), plus one in a jar waiting to be planted. This one on the bookcase is close to my bed and sometimes I feel like it is strangling me as I stumble by in the early hours of the morning. My bookcases are pretty messy too because I don’t have enough room. At some point, my decluttering needs to extend to books.

My room is also suffering a paper crane infestation. The cranes surrounded Chun and tried to disturb his nap, but his resilient spirit won out.

chun 11-18-2011 12-50-15 PM
chun 11-18-2011 12-49-48 PM
chun 11-18-2011 12-50-00 PM
chun 11-18-2011 12-51-53 PM 11-18-2011 12-51-53 PM

Even though we hardly got anything done, Sprocket was exhausted by the end.
sprocket 11-18-2011 2-43-22 PM
sprocket 11-18-2011 2-43-35 PM

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21 Responses to Decluttering the Miao House, first attempt

  1. That Persian carpet! I have one identical to it! It’s currently rolled up and being stored at my aunt’s house, but I’ve been wondering if I should move it someplace where it’s drier and less likely to be eaten by moths.

    Chun and Sprocket look so cuuute! I wish I had two furry helpers like them, but right now Sandy is the only other fur friend here. She’s more likely to come in and knock everything over with her giant wagging tail.

    • littlemiao says:

      My brother has the same rug too. We got them in Beijing. Hopefully some day soon you’ll be able to display yours. Mine is small enough that I’ve been able to take it with me wherever I’ve moved since college.

      Chun approves of knocking things down, except usually he does it with his paws and quite deliberately, not with his tail.

  2. I love the photo of Chun hiding his face… Of course little Sprocket is all tuckered out – he’s a growing boy cat!

    I don’t know how you get anything done at all, with so many cats to cuddle and play with!

    • littlemiao says:

      Eating so much is exhausting!

      My secret for getting stuff done is… delegation. I assign each of the Miao Brothers something to do (like wash dishes, put away laundry, pay the bills, etc) and wait for them to finish. Still waiting.

  3. Lauri says:

    Oh it all looks like my house! Plants and cute little cat figurines and of course, the real live cats “helping” as they do! I will chuckle my way to work this morning thinking about Chun with his cranes and Sprockey in his bed all tie-tie from too much cleaning!
    If you saw MY half of my bedroom right now…….clean laundry, but piled everywhere! *shudders*

  4. Dianda says:

    Nothing wrong with a paper crane invasion!

  5. nadbugs says:

    Have you trained the cranes to the litter box? That’s the real question.

  6. Lurkertype says:

    I didn’t even notice the clutter — the Miaolings draw the eye and that’s all I see.

  7. Kittehs are so good at helping, aren’t they? 😉
    Your ivy isn’t nearly as big as one of the plants that recently went to one of my friend’s parents. I kid you not, that thing was probably 6′ of plant

    • littlemiao says:

      Wow. That’s big! My kitchen one (the original) is getting pretty long. I need to replant them because they are so lopsided. I need to encourage them to grow more round and bushy.

  8. leendadll says:

    Well, lordie, how could you possible expect to clean/de-clutter with so much cuteness around you?

    Love your bed frame!

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