The only other photo of Baby Mani

Mani as a baby

Cute, very cute, but I can’t take credit for this photo. At the time it was taken, I was not permitted to use a camera even though I already loved photography. If I sound resentful, it is only because I regret our lack of more Baby Mani photos. Perhaps the cuteness of the two Mani photos makes up for the lack of quantity. But there are zero Baby Kemi photos and that is sad indeed. Also, think of how much better my photos would be now if I had gotten an extra few years’ practice before my mother gave me my first camera. I think I was nineteen. (And why didn’t I buy a camera myself? No money, and I was deluded into believing that I should save what little I had for something “important”.) All I have ever wanted in life is to take pictures of cats. And maybe eat chocolate, but I can multitask so they aren’t mutually exclusive. Don’t mind me, I’m just getting all my familial ingratitude out of the way before Thanksgiving.

This post was composed under the influence of caffeine. I only had my regular morning cup of gunpowder green (Upton Tea), but I swear it was the equivalent of 5 cups. I’m not usually talkative (generally an understatement) but today I could hardly pause for breath.

I’ve been a little absent from WP, but I will catch up soon.

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24 Responses to The only other photo of Baby Mani

  1. Laurie says:

    I only have one baby picture of each of my cats, their website adoption photos from the rescue group, so two of Mani is a superfluence! (Superfloofluence?) (There appear to be only two of me as a baby as well, so I’m in good company.) It boggles the mind to think “how much better” your photos could be now, because you’re so very good as you are!

    • littlemiao says:

      I’m also sad that I don’t have any baby pictures of Chun, but I can’t blame my mother for that, LOL. Oh I’m awful.

      Thank you for your sweet words about my photography. Kitties look so different as kittens so kitten pictures seem especially precious.

      • Laurie says:

        They sure are. When I would rescue or socialize kittens myself for the rescue group, I’d make sure that the adopters got copies of all the photos I took, so they’d have their “baby” pictures. Once in a while I’ll get a “grownup” picture sent to me, even a couple of years on, and it’s hard to believe they were the same kitten!

        • littlemiao says:

          Awww, that’s so thoughtful. I’m sure they really appreciate having the baby pictures!

          You should share your baby pictures sometimes. (the kitties’ – though I’m sure you were a cute baby as well) πŸ™‚

          • Laurie says:

            I did post them once, back on Vox, but they bear posting again. Plus perhaps a rogues’ gallery of some of the kittens I rescued and socialized. The Boxcar Colony produced very beautiful kittens (for all the fleas and debris they were born in).

            • littlemiao says:

              Yes, please do re-post!

              Somehow I can’t log on to WP right now because my computer has decided it is a “dangerous” website. I can’t even look at my own page! 😦

    • Oldcat says:

      When I was like ten, we found a big box of pictures in the attic. The relative ratio was fifty pictures of the oldest girl, twenty of the oldest boy, and about two or three of the other four kids.

      I have about a dozen pictures of Julie as a kitten, all taken in the first 24 hours. The next picture is months later.

      Having to pad out blog posts changes how often I take pictures of the cats.

  2. elizabethannewrites says:

    Is that an adorable kitten or what? (Answer: That’s an adorable kitten.)

  3. trishc1812 says:

    Awe…this is a much cuter picture of baby Mani. Such a sweet little bitty thing.

    I don’t have a ‘newborn’ picture. My mom says that military hospitals, back in the mid-60’s, didn’t take pictures of newborns. So, both of my brothers have newborn pictures and the first picture of me is when I’m six or seven months old. 😦

  4. Lurkertype says:

    There are extensive cat photos even from my youth. They’re in black and white (color film was really expensive) but luckily our cat at the time was B&W.

    Mani’s feets don’t look that big in his kitten photos.

  5. You’ve been absent from WP? You actually post almost daily on your blog. I’m lucky to get one a week up on mine!

    But Mani is so sweet! I don’t have any beebee photos of my cats, because they were all adopted as adults. I did adopt one kitten, but we didn’t have a digital camera back then, so all of his photos are on paper. I’d have to scan them to put them up online, but my daughters have them all now.

    Don’t feel bad about not getting any photos of Chun when he was little, btw. I don’t have many baby photos of my son because he was the youngest of three kids, and I was worn out by the time he came along. His sisters by contrast have a ton of pictures in their baby albums. But that means the photos I do have of him are all the more precious. Those days don’t last, more so for kittens. At least Chun and Mani are happy to stay by your side, however! My “kittens” couldn’t wait to get out and be on their own!

    • littlemiao says:

      I selfishly post on my blog while neglecting everyone else.

      I got Chun when he was probably 6 months or so, pretty much full-grown. Otherwise I would have a million kitten photos, I’m sure. I think it is especially fun to watch how color-points grow and darken over time.

      I wouldn’t have minded if my mother had neglected to take baby photos of me. In fact, I would have preferred it that way.

  6. Dianda says:

    And they grow up so fast!

  7. robpixaday says:

    Purrfection. Such a sweet bebbehface!!
    And that litte PAW!!!!!!

  8. mizunogirl says:

    I had tons of human baby photos, but then my mother isplaced all the albums. I suppose they will all come to light eventually. I was an adorable baby so I won’t mind.
    Teulu has been chronicled only a little. he was such an active boy it was hard to capture him!

  9. leendadll says:

    oooohhhh… you’re making me want to find/scan my baby photos of Espressa and her brother.

    Mani is so cute! But Sprocket is still my fav.

  10. nadbugs says:

    Better out than in, LM. Plus, you’re living the dream now, and that’s what really counts. You go.

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