Chun doesn’t wonder why it gets dark so early

It was dark before 5pm today. According to, the sun set at 4.35pm. How sad. I had to work today so I couldn’t take Miao photos during our too-brief day of sun. 😦 When I went to the gym it was still light and when I emerged an hour later it was dark. My right knee is starting to hurt again, just in one spot, the spot that bothered me most before. That is sad too. I am going to add some peroneal stretches to my routine and hope that the pain results from tight muscles and not something torn.

There are 41 days until the days start getting longer. Yes, I’m counting.

Chun’s not counting. He enjoys every day, long or short. He loves the sunshine but gloomy days are just fine with him too. Yet another thing I can learn from my Choooop.

chun 6-4-2011 2-17-49 PM

or not
chun 6-19-2011 11-26-00 AM

still a happy cat
chun 6-19-2011 11-26-34 AM
chun 6-19-2011 11-26-45 AM

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18 Responses to Chun doesn’t wonder why it gets dark so early

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Sure, if you don’t have to go out, and you can sleep whenever you want, it’s easy to be blase about the short days. But others are counting the days.

  2. Alexandra says:

    beautiful photos!
    That’s good that you are counting! Thank you! I was thinking about counting too but now I’ll just use your info. It’s horrible when it’s dark so early, isn’t it? I feel like I’m a vampire.

    • littlemiao says:

      Thank you! It’s not fun being forced to live like a vampire. 🙂

      My count may be off by a day. I never know if I should count the day I’m looking forward to (Winter Solstice) as Day 1 or Day 0.

      • Alexandra says:

        Well, you could count it as +1 day until the very final moment when you move this day away from your count and thus the desired moment comes 1 day faster than you were counting all that time, so you minus 2 days out of the count in just one day! How cool is that? 😀

      • Day 0 is from 12/21/2011 00:30 EST until 12/22/2011 00:30 EST.

        So at noon on the 21st, it is 0.5 days until the Solstice.
        See the web page in my link.

  3. Drude says:

    Pliz to enjoy that last half hour of sunlight for me, LittleMiao.
    Here, the sunset is at 4:07 pm and that’s just unreasonable… our sunrise is at 7:43am.. so as long as it’s not all grey and cloudy… we still get a few moments of sunlight outside worktime.. but it won’t be long now before teh big gloom.
    Chun looks so very content and happy in his sunny window.
    Urracá is curled up in his basket in teh sunbeamz on the windowsill next to me.. looking rotund and content and snoring just a leetle bit.

    • littlemiao says:

      Awww, I love rotund snores. Plz to give Urrac some pettings from me. Maybe he can soak up some of the dwindling sun and share it with you when you get home. I am grateful for my extra half hour of sunshine.

    • Oldcat says:

      Where I grew up in Ohio, we were on the far edge of the East Zone so sunset is pretty late – almost 6 in winter and nearly 9 in summer. That was annoying when I was real little to have to go to bed when it wasn’t dark out.

      Of course, the flip side of the coin is that it is very dark in the morning in wintertime. No free lunch.

  4. Dianda says:

    I wish I was a cat, just for that reason. (- and many others).

  5. He’s lucky because he can seek out sunbeams to nap in during the day. The rest of us have to be in rooms with very few windows. :p
    Can’t wait for spring

  6. robpixaday says:

    Heeeee……………….there’s nothing quite as content as a contented cat.
    His nose-ness is esp lovely. I never noticed how glowy it is. That’s the HAPPY shining through!

  7. “The December solstice will occur at 05:30 (or 5:30am) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on December 22, 2011.”
    That’s 12:30am in New York and 9:30pm on the 21st in San Francisco.

    With that info, you can calculate the number of fractional days.

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