BatCaturday Floof Post

Cap’n Stephel reminded me that it is about time to share some Batcat floof. Luckily, we have enough for everyone.

Yesterday, it was noted that Mani floats on floof. So does Lotus. Maybe it is a ragdoll thing. Here are some photos from this summer than I excavated from the Miao Archives.

With the white background, his color-points really do float.
lotus 6-5-2011 2-18-15 PM

How he keeps his floof floofy
lotus 6-5-2011 2-17-48 PM

floating floofster
lotus 6-5-2011 2-18-25 PM

I also found some lilac photos from May. I miss lilacs. I bought a lilac-scented soy candle but it smells more like soap. I need reminders of spring… Walking outside, I feel like I can’t remember when the ground wasn’t covered with snow, even though the snow only just arrived a few days ago.
lilacs 5-21-2011 3-53-31 PM
lilac 5-21-2011 3-53-48 PM
lilac 5-21-2011 3-53-43 PM

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4 Responses to BatCaturday Floof Post

  1. Now this is a properly floofy BatCaturday post. I approve 😀

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Lilacs and a lilac-point! It’s a purple Caturday.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Oh, so it’s dark AND you have snow. I feel for you, that’s not a pleasant thing. But it all will go away one and there will be lilacs again!

  4. amyhftw says:

    Oh, lilacs are my favorite!!! We used to have a big lilac bush outside my window when I was growing up. Also, at Michigan State there’s a whole stretch of lilac bushes along one of the main roads. Students would go out of their way to take that sidewalk to wherever they were going.

    These lilac candles smell fantastic:
    They are handmade in Prescott, Arizona and are wonderful. I also like Desert Sky.

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