More Purple Squash photos?

My memory is so poor I don’t know if I have posted these photos from the purple squash photo session before. I need to develop a system whereby I indicate on flickr whether I have posted a photo or not. Perhaps by renaming it or something easy like that. In any case, I will not apologize for possibly re-posting these photos since I doubt if my peeps can remember clearly either.

Purple Loto-floof!
lotus 9-28-2011 1-57-38 PM

smooch the squash
purplesquash 9-28-2011 1-42-12 PM

purple sprockle portrait
purplesquash 9-28-2011 1-47-25 PM

counting the squash harvest
squash 9-28-2011 1-19-49 PM

Sprocket and his squashes
squash 9-28-2011 1-28-26 PM

a smaller Sprocket
squash 9-28-2011 1-26-55 PM

These photos were taken at the end of September and it is obvious how much he has grown. He is larger, his belly bulgier, and his floof floofier.

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13 Responses to More Purple Squash photos?

  1. Lauri says:

    Beautiful! I can’t remember if these are the exact ones posted before…but it never hurts to repost!

  2. martinjh99 says:

    Who cares if we’ve seen these pics before…. Especially if they are of cute mioacats!

  3. elizabethannewrites says:

    Do you honestly think we would complain if you posted pictures for a second, third or even fourth time?

    Love them! (Photos and cats.)

  4. Aw, I was kind of hoping for a whole post of BatCat floof. BatCaturday? 😀

  5. Dianda says:

    I think I’m in love…

  6. roritherat says:

    Boy do you have some cute cats! 😉 Like everyone else, I concur that I wouldn’t care if you double posted these pictures either.

    As for the system to know if you have posted a picture already.. If it helps, What I did was make a specific set on Flickr (Mine is called “For the Blog”) and whenever I make a post with a picture I just add the picture to my “For the Blog” set.

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