Sprocket wants to play with TK!

A long time past, LT sent the Miaos a lovely little TK tuxkit. Not identical to the real TK with his black and white nose, but definitely worthy of a squee or three. Going through my stuff in a failed attempt to organize things, I rediscovered our paper doll version of TK and gave it to Sprocket.

He was delighted.

a hug for TK!!
tk! 11-3-2011 3-37-06 PM

Oh noes, beware of the teef!
tk! 11-3-2011 3-37-04 PM

Sprocket always nibbles his playmates even though I’ve told him it hurts and they don’t appreciate it. He can’t help himself.

Sprocket’s paper doll TK sustained some damage to his ear!
tk! 11-3-2011 3-37-31 PM

Perhaps Sprocket is too young to play with paper dolls. He needs a chewable plushie version of TK instead.

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7 Responses to Sprocket wants to play with TK!

  1. Dianda says:


    Adorable! Sprocket looks like a really pretty kitty!

  2. lauowolf says:

    But friends MUST be nommed!

  3. Lurkertype says:

    TK would nom a paper version of Sprocket too! And the real Sprockey.

    They would have a wonderful time together, I am sure.

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