Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies! for Halloween!!

Capn Stephel brought my attention to this vegan chocolate chip pumpkin cookie recipe. It looked easy enough and we were out of vegan cookies (oh noes!) so I made some last night. Pumpkin and chocolate is an obviously delicious combination, but I had never tried it before. I was not disappointed. The only substitution I made was 1 tsp vanilla instead of rum, since I have none. The cookies are very soft, cake-like cookies. Cookie biscuits. I ate some warm last night. I ate some for breakfast. I ate some for a snack. I ate some for supper. Oh my. They are very good. The recipe makes a lot of cookies, good-sized cookies, but they are already quite depleted.

chocolate & pumpkin!!
pumpkincookie 10-30-2011 9-22-22 PM

still yummy with camera flash
pumpkincookie 10-30-2011 9-23-11 PM

pumpkin cookie mountain
pumpkincookie 10-30-2011 9-23-01 PM

my very own pumpkin and his mini-pumpkin
chunpie 10-19-2011 7-03-43 PM
chun's pumpkin pie chunpie 10-19-2011 7-03-31 PM

I believe that this is the end of the Vegan Month of Food. Since every month is my Vegan Month of Food, I think I will keep posting about food now and then. Oftener than now and then. My new year’s resolution was to try at least 52 new recipes. At 45 thus far, I’m well on my way to accomplishing this goal.

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8 Responses to Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies! for Halloween!!

  1. The texture of the cookies sounds exactly like the texture of my regular chocolate chip cookies. I really like them being soft and pillowy 😀

  2. Ooh, these sound so good! Thank you for posting the recipe. My younger daughter made regular pumpkin cookies and stuck chocolate chips in them, which made the cookies taste off. (Shhh, don’t tell her!) I think her recipe contained egg and butter, but the pumpkin flavor clashed with the chocolate chips and confused the taste buds. I’ll try your recipe and see if I can please my pickiest critics, my parents!

    • littlemiao says:

      I hope they enjoy the cookies, or if they don’t that you do at least. I’m lucky because my father claims to love everything I make. I know it can’t all be good. I’ve been thinking about experimenting so see just how strong his loyalty is, but I’m not imaginative enough in the kitchen.

      I don’t think the pumpkin clashes with the chocolate in these cookies. I’m also going to try a chocolate pumpkin loaf soon. We shall see!

  3. Wazeau says:

    oh they look so yummy! I would have none left at all if I made these. I have no self control around warm cookies.

  4. robpixaday says:

    Gosh they’re gorgeous! The recipe sounds good too.
    And your pumpkin wrangler is doing a phenomenal job.

  5. Brown Suga' says:

    They look YUMMY! Unfortunately I don’t have an oven so I can’t bake. But I did make pumpkin curry today for lunch.

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