A Kitten’s Year by Nancy Raines Day and Anne Mortimer

A Kitten’s Year is like a calendar – each month comes with a gorgeous painting documenting Kitten’s adventures, from a bitty kitty in January to a full-sized kitty in December. Sprocket instantly connected with the little unnamed protagonist, who looks quite as fluffy as a kitten can be.

Getting a taste of the book’s contents before reading
book chomp 10-23-2011 1-37-54 PM

A kitten, napping
book 10-23-2011 1-32-48 PM

Not looking very spooked for October
bookoctober 10-23-2011 1-34-56 PM

Dreaming of his first Thanksgiving feast
book november 10-23-2011 1-35-32 PM

Taking a snorgle-break
book nov 10-23-2011 1-35-45 PM book nov 10-23-2011 1-35-37 PM

Dreaming of his first Hanukkah and Christmas presents
book dec 10-23-2011 1-36-11 PM

Sprocket recommends this book
book 10-23-2011 1-36-58 PM
book 10-23-2011 1-37-17 PM

The Miaos agree: This book belongs in every kitten’s kitten-book collection. The simple text (just a couple words per page), accessible subject matter (kittens eating, kittens playing, kittens napping), and vividly detailed illustrations are sure to be an excellent accompaniment to your kitten’s kitten nap.

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8 Responses to A Kitten’s Year by Nancy Raines Day and Anne Mortimer

  1. robpixaday says:

    Best review, best reviewer, best calendar.
    Sprocket puts so much energy into his work! And his connection with the characters is enchanting. He’s a snorgleicious marvel!


  2. You just keep taking those pics that top the cuteness of the previous ones! *melt*

  3. Lurkertype says:

    Oh, all the photos are great, but that last one where he’s snorgling the book kitten made my head asplode!

  4. I’d forgotten that this is Sprocket’s first Halloween, and this year will be his first Christmas as well. These babies grow up too fast! *sniff*

  5. nadbugs says:

    “Like” doesn’t do this justice at all but I’m fading fast over here. Head-butt, over out.

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