Chun Miao composes three Miao-Kus!!

pounce, little brother!
you can chase me up the stairs
and I’ll bop your head
sprocketted 10-26-2011 3-01-00 PM
chunsprock 10-26-2011 3-01-15 PM

my new friend the crane
more colorful than a mouse
but not as tasty
crane pie 10-26-2011 8-55-30 PM

tunnel in a pile
of red, yellow, and orange
autumn fun indoors
chunskirt 10-26-2011 2-55-28 PM

Should Professor Tashi give Chun an A?

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16 Responses to Chun Miao composes three Miao-Kus!!

  1. elizabethannewrites says:

    Definitely A-worthy.

    Love the nose-beep Sprocket is sprocketing upon Chun’s nose.

  2. robpixaday says:


    Marvelous Miao-ku’s!
    And Chun-derfully Sprockety pix!
    The nose-on-crane one is a delight…you’re inspiring me to make a crane (or something) for Sweetie.

    DEFINITELY an A+ all around!

    • littlemiao says:

      Make a crane (or something) for Sweetie and take a photo of them. No pressure. 🙂

      Chun-derfully sprockety! Heehee!

      • robpixaday says:

        I made a cootiecatcher (tiny one) and gave it to Sweetie. He ignored it. He had some when he was little and vanquished them quickly. Took a picture…LOL…will make something else later. Probably will do a big Sweetie post soon, since he was snow-watching the other day.


  3. minlit says:

    It’s like a shopping list of my favourite things – haiku, cats, humour and origami. If you coulda got chocolate and butterflies in there somewhere….

  4. *snap snap snap*
    He’s very good!

    I found the next thing that should be on your baking list:

  5. Lurkertype says:

    I know Prof. Tashi is a tough grader, but even he should approve of this as A work!

    • littlemiao says:

      He is quite proud of Chun for giving miao-kus a try. Chun hasn’t demonstrated too much interest in literary endeavors, but miao-kus are short enough to fit his attention span.

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