The recipe for a tongue-numbing vegan dining experience

Today I thought I would try an exciting variation of the sesame peanut pasta to which I am so joyfully addicted. If there is a peanut butter shortage in the following months, I am probably the source of it, because I have been having this pasta two days out of three. Today’s variation: a cute little hot pepper form the co-op, in place of cayenne.

The pasta was divinely non-mushy. The proportion of peanut butter to lime juice to soy sauce was perfect. The ginger was mouthwatering. The powdered onion I used because I was too lazy to chop a fresh one was adequate. The little yellow pepper was perfectly hot, unlike the disappointingly insipid peppers I have tried in the last couple months. To make sure, I sampled a little piece. My mouth burned. It burned so much I couldn’t feel my tongue. Teary-eyed, I ate an entire spoonful of peanut butter to counter the spiciness. It abated after a couple more spoonfuls. I decided that I should use half the pepper instead of the entire thing. I proceeded on that theory. The problem was, I couldn’t taste the pasta and I couldn’t feel my tongue. Thinking I had ruined the thing, I started picking the little minced yellow pieces out of the pasta, a painstaking process especially when the world is blurry with spiciness. I ate a little of the de-peppered dish, and as my taste buds regained consciousness, it rapidly went from tasteless to delicious to not-quite-spicy enough. So I added back all the pepper I had fished out and devoured it happily.

The moral of the story: Spicy is good, but sample your peppers with the greatest caution. Perhaps half a hot pepper is too much for one serving, but the body will adapt quickly if your mind is willing.

The redeemed pepper (I was not brave enough to use the seeds)
pepper 10-28-2011 7-34-58 PM

NOT turmeric = cayenne, labelled for the sake of those who cannot tell orange from red
pepper 10-28-2011 7-36-21 PM

Not Mushy! brown rice pasta
not mushy 10-28-2011 7-35-23 PM

Extra credit: Can anyone tell me what the bunnies are carrying? It doesn’t look like a carrot or pasta or even a potato.

The perfect combination of sweetness and spice is usually floofy:
sprock 10-26-2011 3-10-31 PM

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22 Responses to The recipe for a tongue-numbing vegan dining experience

  1. elizabethannewrites says:

    I think the bunnies are carrying that other half of the pepper. They will burn their pawsies.

    I can’t handle hot and spicy at all at all, especially where peppers are concerned. So I consider you very brave, tasting that pepper all by its hot hot lonesome. I also consider that doing that once is more than enough.

    Sprocky on the other hand, can be experienced time and time again without need for caution. And he looks fabulous on those colors!

    • littlemiao says:

      I think I may have acted without considering the consequences. My tummy is starting to protest, now that my mouth has stopped burning. It was so spicy that my nose was burning too, each time I breathed out.

      My pawsies are still burning, too. Pepper is hard to wash off!

  2. Laurie says:

    Sprocket is the sweet in this spicy post.

  3. GanLu says:

    the bunnies are carrying a grain of rice. they must be really tiny bunnies!

    did you save the seeds to grow your own pepper?

  4. littlemiao says:

    oh gosh, my ears are burning. my hands are burning. I must have touched my face after I rescued the seeds. I washed my hands but I guess that wasn’t enough. It burns!

    Lesson learned.

  5. Yikes! The seeds are the worst, and should be handled while wearing rubber gloves. Wash your face and hands with whole milk if you have any. If the burns are too far gone, like you actually have red marks on your skin, try rubbing Vaseline or another petroleum jelly-based salve like Neosporin.

    I don’t mess around with raw peppers, as I once burned my eyes while chopping some. I thought I was going to go blind. Also, keep in mind that in India they don’t feed chili pepper-flavored food to children: they gradually build up their tolerance before they’re allowed to eat the full-blown fiery stuff their parents eat. I’ve been eating spicy food for a while now, and I’ve slowly built up a tolerance for medium hot dishes. But super-hot foods still give me indigestion. So a little caution with chilis is a good thing!

    BTW, keep the chili peppers away from the Miaos, as they can get deathly sick on them.

    • littlemiao says:

      Of all my mistakes last night, at least I successfully kept the pepper away from the Miaos. I remember seeing that about nightshades and being surprised that it includes potatoes, but then again those are usually cooked anyways.

      I have eaten really spicy stuff for a long time so I should have tolerance, but I have never handled a truly hot pepper myself before. In retrospect, gloves would have been a good idea. Also, in my lazy cooking method, the pepper never got fully cooked before I ate it.

      I ended up eating a spoonful or two of coconut oil (not having milk around). It was very soothing.

  6. Drude says:

    Just don’t touch your eyes!
    I was gonna say the bunnies carry a grain of rice too, but GanLu beat me to it.
    I didn’t know chilies were bad for Kitties Hangaku Gozen?
    I don’t normally let them have it, but I’ve seen mine chew on a chili with apparent pleasure and wondered that they didn’t seem to mind the hotness at all. They didn’t get sick afterwards, but then they may not have eaten any of it, or it may not have been very hot.

    • Raw chili peppers are supposedly poisonous to cats because they belong to the nightshade family. All plants (I was told) from the nightshade (Solanaceae) family are toxic to cats and dogs, at least in their raw form. I guess if you cook them the alkaloids are reduced or burned out by the heat.

      I’ve also read in some organic gardening forums that powdered chili pepper is good for keeping cats out of one’s flower and vegetable beds because cats dislike the capsaicin. However, my own cats loved eating my Szechuan beef back when I used to cook meat. I used to joke that I hadn’t put enough chili peppers in the dish to keep the cats out of it, but since my kids aren’t that fond of spicy food, I had to keep it fairly mild, for my tastes anyway. There are also some very mild chiles—the chipotle is supposedly one of them. I wouldn’t go near the scotch bonnet chile, which is supposedly the most fiery of chili peppers. I’ve seen grown men tear up and gag while eating one.

  7. I think that’s my all-time favorite picture of little Sprocket!

    And I think the bunnies are carrying a boogie board or skim board. I didn’t realize bunnies were big on ocean recreation. Maybe the ones who eat healthy pasta are…

  8. nadbugs says:

    Nah. That’s a peanut they’re carrying. And the look in their eyes says: Try this. First one is for free. You can quit any time!

  9. robpixaday says:

    Would Blue Bunny ice cream have cooled the heat? (
    LOL…lots of smart bunnies! that sounds good. REALLY good.
    Except for the peppers. NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo!!!!!!! Don’t. Like. Spicy. Hot.
    But everything else is conjuring a delicious dish!
    We’re going to have to share that peanut butter suppoy, though. I need if for my Reeses.

    And Sprocket is adorabubblier than ever!!!!!

    • littlemiao says:


      I really must cut back on peanut butter for your sake. You need your Reeses.

      • robpixaday says:

        I can’t take credit for Adorabubblier….actually stole…er…borrowed it from YGRS.
        Had to use it, though. It fits so well!!

        I wonder is the cashew crops fared any better than the peanut ones did? I love cashew butter, but it’s hard to find. And $$$$

  10. I was going to say rice too. Does that mean I get a Miao for a night? Can I have the BatCat?
    I have to say…I lol’d at this post. And I think I recognize the spice jar. Does it have a metallic green lid? If so, I use the same brand of spices for garlic powder and parsley

    • littlemiao says:

      Logically it makes sense that it is rice. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to see!

      You are totally right – metallic green jar lid. Simply organics. I re-use them for bulk herbs and ended up putting cayenne in the turmeric jar.

      You can have the BatCat for the night (unless he has to go save Gotham again).

  11. Laurie says:

    If I gather up any energy tomorrow, I’ll try this recipe, only without the extra pepper (but I’ll probably go non-vegan, sorry, and mixed some cooked chicken in, too). It sounds spicy enough that my BF will like it. He loves spicy food.

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