Sprocket the botanist

Sprocket is an avid student of botany. It started with his first homeschooling project – growing cat grass – and although the grass has long since wilted, Sprocket’s interest has flourished. Ruth Heller’s The Reason for a Flower is a great introduction to flowers and Sprocket has napped on it several times. The bright pictures are sure to keep any kitten’s interest, and their true-to-life detail will prepare your kitten for his or her first supervised field excursion.

A must-have on your kitten’s reading list
flowerbook 10-23-2011 1-47-27 PM

“And as they search for more and more, POLLEN from the FLOWER before goes with them to the next one they explore.”
flowerbook 10-23-2011 1-45-14 PM

Napping in the daffodils
flowerbook 10-23-2011 1-46-14 PM

Papa Miao started calling Sprocket “Blomster” when he was still donutted. Blomster rhymes with monster, and Sprocket is quite the squeaky, sharp-toofed little monster, but he’s also as cute as a flower, hence the nickname.

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16 Responses to Sprocket the botanist

  1. AuntieBellum says:

    Heehee! I love how kittehs melt into blobs when they sleep!

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    That shot of him lying on his back with his little paws in the air is just adorable.

  3. The colors on the book and Sprocket’s black and white fur are so beautiful against the blue blanket! He looks more flower than monster in those photos, but I suppose it’s because I haven’t seen his teeth. I’ve forgotten how rough kittens can be while playing. The one cat we got as a kitten loved raking his claws down my leg, so I had red “stripes” on it for a few years. 🙂

    • littlemiao says:

      We’re lucky he doesn’t try to use us as a scratching post. He used to climb my father, but these days he is too plump. I have somewhat of an ethical dilemma about trimming his claws. Being three-legged, he uses his claws to climb places he can’t jump, like the kitty trees. If I trim them to protect ourselves, then he can’t climb so well. 😦

  4. Drude says:

    Wheeeee! Blomster is Danish… it means flowers… I can tell that you knew that already, but how?
    That’s SO cute! Lovely book too! and cuuuuute Sprocket!

    • robpixaday says:

      Blomster means flowers?

    • littlemiao says:

      Papa Miao is a linguistic genius. I mean that seriously. I don’t think he knows Danish, but he is an Egyptologist and linguist and he knows (or can read) every major European language in addition to his ancient languages. I’m not trying to brag, LOL, but I’m very proud of my Papa Miao. 🙂

      • Drude says:

        I understand 🙂
        *whispers* my dad is a linguist too… not a great accomplished one like Papa Miao, but still… the type who reads dictionaries – cover to cover… and thinks it’s super interesting too… fills them up with little hand scribbled notes on extra thin paper that he buys especially for that purpose… and lectures on the phonetics of long extinct languages if ever given a chance… He specialized in the Slavic languages.

  5. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Hi I dropped by your page after seeing you connected to a Jimmie Chew comment & I LOVE your eyes in the top banner – so intense! A gorgeous post. I love cats, especially gorgeous ones like you 😉

  6. robpixaday says:


    Quiet, you guys!!
    Sprocket’s in the tall grass, sleep-stalking those bees!

    LOL…so sweet! He’s well-read this one. Obviously a natural scholar!

  7. Alexandra says:

    oh wow! this books has provided a great background.

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