Soft Sprock

sprock 10-21-2011 11-05-50 AM

Yesterday I forgot to do a vegan post! I was so close to meeting my pointless goal of a daily vegan post for a month, but my goal became a victim of my sloth and gluttony. *sigh* I even had a recipe and photos prepared.

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7 Responses to Soft Sprock

  1. robpixaday says:

    Hey, that’s OK. Intent counts for a lot!
    Sloth and gluttony are underrated, IMHO.

    And Sprocket looks very happy. That’s all that really matters.

    (Sweetie made me type that last sentence)

  2. Lauri says:


    Some months are like that! You have done amazingly well! 🙂

  3. eLeN says:

    You can identify a contented kitty by the belleys-up posishun

  4. Oldcat says:

    unless your gluttony was for meat, a gluttony post should count as vegan.

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