Just add bacon? (and other food photography ideas)

As this post will show, I am desperately out of vegan post ideas. (or just too lazy to type up the recipe I made tonight…)

I have somewhat of an ethical dilemma. If I blanketed Sprocket with strips of fake bacon and took pictures of it, could I feed the non-bacon to Papa Miao later? I can rinse it off first. I’m not a fan of fake meat, but occasionally Papa Miao likes to use it to spice up his lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. Today, I obliged him by chopping up some “smart bacon” and adding it to the rice + black beans + etc dinner that I made. I don’t really know what bacon tastes like at this point, but I’m pretty sure that smart bacon does not taste like bacon. All the same, it was a nice touch, something salty to contrast with the pineapple and bell peppers.

And I got inspired. Napping Sprocket + Fake bacon strips = cute photos, to be followed by lengthy kitten baths that will distract him from squeaking at his uncles for a while. Papa Miao never needs to know just how floofy his non-bacon is. Or maybe I could weave Sprockey a little non-bacon hat?

Picture him with a bacon blankie.
sprock 10-21-2011 11-05-06 AM
sprock 10-21-2011 11-04-54 AM

And Sprocket’s food photography doesn’t really need to stop with fake bacon. The photo possibilities are endless. We’ve seen how cute he can be with winter squash. Imagine Sprocket peeking out from under a pile of kale. Sprocket lounging in a bowl of dried beans. Sprocket climbing my considerable stockpile of canned chickpeas. Sprocket dancing in a shower of bonito flakes. Sprocket eating a life-sized Chun-shaped tuna statue. Additional ideas are welcome.

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15 Responses to Just add bacon? (and other food photography ideas)

  1. Oldcat says:

    This is a non-vegan anecdote –

    When I was in college my roommate made his ‘one big dinner’ one day which was a roast beef. After cooking it we put down the drippings down for my little kitten Cassiopeia, who was maybe the same age as Sprocket. When next we looked down she had eaten all of it and was as round as a ball. When she tried to clean herself the grease on her tongue made her fur greasy whereever she licked. Then she slept for a looong time.

    Next time he made it, she didn’t want any drippings.

  2. Wazeau says:

    He looks so dang comfortable! Such a hard life, being a cat…

  3. Lurkertype says:

    Author/blogger John Scalzi is already famous for taping bacon to his cat. You can google it.

    Maybe you’d be better off getting real bacon and then cooking it and feeding it to the Miaos and Miaolings. We know they don’t mind having cat fur on their tongues.

    Fake bacon is one of the more successful fake meats, what with the salt, smoke flavor, spices, etc.

    If you can get Sprocket to dance just as you’re sprinkling him with bonito flakes, that’ll be a miracle of timing. I think he’ll do better with more passive shots.

    I can still see pink tummy where he had to be shaved!

    • littlemiao says:

      Awww, someone has done it already. I’m not sure I could handle touching real bacon, though. I just don’t know. I could sneak some from my mother’s house and try.

      I had a vision of him dancing amidst snowing bonito flakes, but I suppose it is as impractical as a Chun-sized tuna statue.

  4. Laurie says:

    It might be a moot point. I bet Sprocket wouldn nom all the bacon before you could take a single shot.

  5. Everything is better with bacon, and I guess that includes Sprockets and faux bacon.

  6. robpixaday says:

    Haven’t eaten bacon since 1982 or so, but I can distinctly recall its INCREDIBLE wonderfulness. Maybe some “Smart Bacon” is an idea.
    Sprocket is brilliant, as always!

    • littlemiao says:

      I don’t think I’ve had bacon before, though it is hard to know exactly what I ate when I was little and growing up in China. I suspect I ate some surprising things without knowing it. 🙂

      You can try the morningstar brand fake bacon. I think it fries better in the pan.

      • robpixaday says:

        Gosh, yes…childhood is a time when all kinds of mysterious foodage happens.

        Bacon’s draw for me was the scent, that smoky mix. I never ever liked its saltiness (BLECCCH!) or its texture (chewy, fatty, or too crispy) at all. So anything with the right flavor and odor should be super.
        Will look for that! Thank you!

  7. mizunogirl says:

    Oh so cute. No I am not sure it would be wise to reuse any kind of bacon, fake or otherwise!

  8. jediSwiftPirate says:

    omg i most definitly adore BACON!

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