Are dust-bunnies vegan?

This is a twofold question. First, do dust-bunnies follow a vegan diet, or are they omnivores? Possibly they are carnivores, and certain evidence suggests they may even be cannibals. It is the second aspect of the question that interests me most – can dust-bunnies be included in a strict vegan diet? For a while now, the Miao Brothers have been pressuring me to share their dust-bunny snacks. Kemi and Lotus both list dust-bunnies among their favorite foods. They have even convinced Chun and, more recently, Sprocket, to eat dust-bunnies. I have resisted so far, but I promised Chun I would try one if they are, indeed, vegan. So now the question must be resolved and I have come to my peeps for help.

not a dust-bunny
yousheng 9-19-2011 10-54-30 AM

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15 Responses to Are dust-bunnies vegan?

  1. Lurkertype says:

    TK eats dust bunnies all the time.

    • littlemiao says:

      If so many kittehs eat them, they must taste good, right? Maybe I wouldn’t trust TK’s judgment on most things, but I trust that he knows a good snack when he sees one. Chun didn’t start eating dust-bunnies until he saw Kemi do it, and everyone knows Kemi has a discerning palette. Sprocket is especially precocious – he had a dust-bunny hairball within the first month he lived here.

  2. Erm, depends. If they’re made up of hair, dead human skin cells, and other animal matter, then no way can we consider them vegan. But I think cats are exempt from the dietary laws. I mean, after all, they’re carnivores. Forcing a cat to eat a vegan diet seems speciesist to me. 😉

    • Lurkertype says:

      But we already discussed how the cat floof doesn’t de-veganize littlem’s cooking, so I think this is the same idea.

    • littlemiao says:

      There actually is vegan cat food. The protein sources seem to be mainly pea, rice, and wheat gluten, and it also contains synthesized taurine. From what I have read, a grain-free diet is ideal for cats because they are true carnivores – though the rice in the low-protein, kidney-friendly food seems relatively harmless. Chun is decidedly omnivorous, but his reluctance to eat the mice he catches makes me wonder if he has a vegetarian streak.

      “and other animal matter.” You make dust-bunnies sound unappetizing.

      • Lurkertype says:

        I think Chun’s just squeamish. He’s like most people, he’ll eat meat but not butcher it. Maybe he doesn’t even realize mice are food and he’s supposed to eat them. Maybe he just thinks they’re toys.

        I’m not keen on vegan cat food. It’s got to be less than ideal. Kitties aren’t supposed to have grain. Some rice is ok, but the wheat seems like a bad idea. They are obligate carnivores — just look at all those pointy teeth! — and I don’t think veggies will do it, no matter how processed. It’s got to be expensive too.

        It’s not a moral issue for cats. Mine get poultry with sometimes a few veggies in it (shredded really fine, they won’t eat them otherwise), and maybe a little rice. Their crunchies are grain-free. Kitties need meat! (and bugs, and maybe dust bunnies)

        • littlemiao says:

          I hope Chun doesn’t decide to go vegan. I don’t think it would be healthy for him. There is no risk that Sprocket will go vegan. There is a risk that he will become a 20lb kitten. 🙂 I feed the Miaolings grain-free, but they also have access to the low-protein prescription diet that the Miao Brothers eat. Chun is a food snob and he turns his nose up at the non-grain-free stuff. I feed him Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet (dry and canned) and also the Solid Gold Indigo Moon.

          I think you’re right about Chun’s mousies. He thinks they are his friends and he doesn’t understand why they stop moving. 😦 He would never eat his friends.

          I don’t like sounding judgmental or anything, but it does seem misguided to force a cat to be vegan. From everything I read, their digestive system is best suited to meat and a small amount of greens, and grains are harmful. Raw meat would be ideal. My cats choose to be omnivorous and I am guilty of sharing the occasional baked good with them. Also cheese. Chun loves cheese treats. He thinks cheddar cheese is a kind of sweet potato and he loves sweet potato.

  3. I would like very much to pet your kitten. *frantically petting the screen with my mouse*

  4. robpixaday says:


    I have no idea!
    The dust bunnies here are like mountains. Slippers get lost in them. I suspect that they might be aliens, but I’m not certain.

  5. robpixaday says:

    And your poll whoosit is neat!

  6. I think they’re very carnivorous creatures

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