vegan muffins and kitten kibbles

I’m in Fox Town enjoying some time with the kitten kibbles, who seem to have doubled in size since I saw them in July. I miss Hathor, but the remaining kittens make up for his absence with their incredible sweetness. I have also been enjoying all the vegan baked goods that Fox Town has to offer.

Ozzy likes muffins too. (Crumbses on the chin.)
vegan muffins 10-7-2011 7-54-06 AM

The scrumptious Blueberry Flaxseed Muffin and its delectable cousin the Cranberry Pineapple Muffin
vegan muffins 10-7-2011 7-54-44 AM

I wanted to set a good example for the kittens by sharing.
vegan muffins 10-7-2011 7-54-30 AM

Dalek, whose tummy is approximately the size of a beach ball, seemed to enjoy the muffins even more than Ozzy-o.
vegan muffins 10-7-2011 7-57-58 AM

vegan muffins 10-7-2011 7-57-45 AM

Good to the last crumb.
vegan muffins 10-7-2011 7-59-46 AM
vegan muffins 10-7-2011 8-00-10 AM

The cranberry pineapple muffin had about an inch of sugar on top that I had to drill through to get to the yummy muffiny goodness, but upon doing so, I discovered what a marvelous combination cranberry and pineapple can be. That muffin did not last nearly long enough.

I could not have gotten through those muffins by myself. Thank you, Ozzy and Dalek.

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5 Responses to vegan muffins and kitten kibbles

  1. Tiny nibbling kitten tongue! *ded from teh cute*

  2. elizabethannewrites says:


    The muffins look wonderful, too.

  3. Holy cow…cranberry and pineapple? YUM! I’d have a very hard time being as nice as you about sharing even though the kitteh is so darn cute

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