Three-legged tree-climbing kittens

I have to admit that Sprocket is a better tree-climber than Chun. Chun is better at the running leaps to launch himself onto the tree, but once he is there, his lack of front claws gives him a significant disadvantage. He generally has to make it on one leap or risk falling onto his bottom. I have never seen Sprocket leap into the air, but yet he still manages to get everywhere he needs to go, like the top of the kitty tree. The kitty tree has three baskets with holes at the bottom, so he can climb from one level to the next with relative ease. He has taken over the second level for his naps, while Lotus or Chun occupy the top (sometimes dangling a tail or paw just out of reach).

king of the kitty tree
tree 9-21-2011 12-39-19 PM

I see you!
tree 9-21-2011 12-39-07 PM

Sprockets grow in trees
tree 9-21-2011 12-38-23 PM

see me on my perch
taller than everyone else
come close, I’ll bop you

Yes, the truth of the matter is Sprocket likes beeping people-noses and kitty-noses just as much as I like beeping Chun-noses and Loto-noses.

tree 9-21-2011 12-38-33 PM

head in clouds of floof
lurking in the tree branches
hunting bugs, bats, lynx

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14 Responses to Three-legged tree-climbing kittens

  1. martinjh99 says:

    Sprocket you are such a handsome little kitten – B&W Kittens are my absolute favs!

    Look at you all high up like that – I would love to get nose beeped by him too!

  2. Oldcat says:

    Calla is more like Sprocket, she uses the claws to clamber up the trees. Julius is a jumper – he gets there by one or a series of huge leaps. He still has his claws in case of a misreading, though.

    • littlemiao says:

      Lotus likes the huge leap approach too, even though he has more than his fair share of claws. The tree will rock precariously when he lands. I think if I were a cat, I would take Calla’s approach.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    Sprocket is so handsome. I saw these photos over on your flickr and showed them to Mr. LT and we were very impressed with Sprockey’s climbing abilities.

    Hopefully this will inspire Chun. Our previous kitty had no front claws, so sometimes he’d go for the big jump, but he had also worked out a way of using his front paws to steady himself as the back legs pushed him up the tree. Like a person climbing a telephone pole. This kitty also climbed a real tree in the park once, in a flash. So tell Chun it can be done!

  4. In the second photo Sprocket looks like he’s sitting on a giant mushroom. Does one side make you smaller, while the other one makes you tall? 😉

  5. Lauri says:

    Love the pics! I can just never get enough of that Face! 🙂

    The haikus are good, too! “Come close, I’ll bop you.” 😀

  6. Mr. Guilt says:

    I got linked to this video, that reminded me of Mr. Sprocket climbing. A three-legged caracal climbing trees in Africa:

  7. Alexandra says:

    The second from the end would be very good for a magazine cover, the books in the background make the whole picture look even cozier.

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