Buckwheat for breakfast!

One of my favorite breakfast foods is homemeade buckwheat cereal. Buckwheat is a lovely little grain that is actually not related to wheat at all, and therefore gluten-free. In fact, technically it’s not even a grain. The roasted form is often called kasha. I usually buy it raw and roast it myself. At my co-op it is cheaper raw, and also I like to have control over the degree of crunchiness. I would highly recommend you find a bulk source because the little boxes of pre-packaged buckwheat cereal are shockingly expensive.

Buckwheat is high in iron, selenium, and other things that are good for you. It has more protein than its wheat counterparts. I started making buckwheat cereal because I was tired of buying cereal in a box but I didn’t want to give up cold cereal altogether.

Buckwheat Cereal
2 cups raw buckwheat groats
2-3 tablespoons of almond butter (or other nut butter)
maple syrup to taste

Preheat oven to 300F. Roast the groats for approximately 15 minutes or longer, depending on your desired level of crunchiness. Once, I roasted it at 350F by accident and the result was quite crunchy but not unpleasant. Maybe raw groats would work just as well.

After the groats are roasted, carefully transfer your buckwheat from its baking sheet into a bowl. I have lost many a groat through clumsiness during this stage. In the bowl, mix with the nut butter and sweetener, to taste. Sometimes I like it unsweetened, and sometimes a little bit of maple syrup can be quite energizing in the morning.

Store it in the fridge in a sealed container.

buckwheat cereal 9-28-2011 7-16-45 AM

I serve it with non-milk – my favorites are almond milk and hemp milk. I only get the unsweetened kinds because I really don’t like the taste otherwise. If unsweetened fake milk suddenly became extinct, I would give up cold cereal entirely. (Or, I might finally learn how to make almond milk myself. Apparently it isn’t prohibitively difficult.)

hempbear 9-28-2011 7-13-56 AM

I have to confess that “groat” is one of my favorite words to say and somehow it became one of Lotus’ many nicknames. Here is how it happened: Lotus —> Lote —> oat —-> goat —–> groat.

lotus 9-28-2011 2-00-51 PM

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13 Responses to Buckwheat for breakfast!

  1. Redscylla says:

    I would give up cold cereal if cow milkies went away. I wanted so hard to like fakey milk, but ptooey! It made my mouth unhappy. Somewhere, I’m sure, Jorge Garcia listed a recipe for almond milk that made it sound easy. *goes to look*

    • Lurkertype says:

      I have a medieval version. Basically you grind up the nuts and simmer.

      If you’re drinking fake milk, you need a strongly flavored cereal. Almond milk obviously goes well with nutty cereals. Still not the same mouthfeel as real cow juice.

      • littlemiao says:

        Maybe if I remembered what milk tasted like, I would miss it.

        Last year I made some fake cheese using white beans and nutritional yeast. To me, it tasted like real cheese, a delusion that my cheese-loving roommate found quite humorous. I also thought the rice-based commercial vegan cheese tasted like cheese, but again I was wrong. I’m beginning to realize that only cheese tastes like cheese.

        • Oldcat says:

          To me it would be better to just give it a new name and not try and claim it is a kind of cheese at all. I love Fritos Bean dip and hummus, why not just call it Bean dip instead of cheese?

          • littlemiao says:

            Calling it bean dip does make more sense. I guess it is a marketing thing? There is even an entire cookbook called the Uncheese Cookbook, for nostalgic vegans (I don’t have it). I’m not nostalgic but I like trying new things.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I have an almond milk recipe. But like you, I’m lazy and just buy the nice containers.

  3. GroundCherry says:

    Warning: anyone with celiac or intense wheat allergies should generally beware buying from bulk containers. People use the wrong scoop, it the container doesn’t get thoroughly cleaned out and the previous item was wheat berries or muesli…

  4. elizabethannewrites says:

    Guess what my favorite part of this post was?

    I haven’t had buckwheat — and I think it’s sneaky of the people who named it to put “wheat” in the name if it doesn’t have wheat in it! I like bulgur (bulghur… bulgar…) wheat cooked in water and a tiny bit of orange juice, with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

    • littlemiao says:

      It’s your honorary bear! He actually prefers almond milk and rice milk to the hemp milk, but I’m sure he’d like real milk even more (he always cleans out the bowl from Papa Miao’s yogurt).

      Buckwheat is in Japanese soba noodles. I had never had it in an unprocessed form until relatively recently.

      • Oldcat says:

        Gus likes milk too. I even got him his own little jug of whole milk to have as a little treat after I managed to stuff his tranq pills into them all those months. He liked the milk but never got any less difficult to dose because of the milk later.

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