book shopping spree

Not too long ago, in the comments of some post or another on somepeep’s blog (sorry I can’t remember who!), I came across a link to BetterWorldBooks. They have a huge selection of used and new books, and for each book you buy, they donate a book to a literacy cause. Free shipping! You can also donate your books to them using a prepaid mailer. Now, on the best of days, I have trouble resisting books, but for a good cause and free shipping, I have absolutely no excuse *not* to buy them. Especially since I need to update my kitty children’s book library for Sprocket’s sake. It hasn’t been updated since my brother and I were kittens ourselves.

Today, there is a 50% off bargain bin sale and I bought… several… for Sprocky. And maybe a couple for myself. Now he finally has his own copy of Little Bo. I got him The Great American Mousical in case he or Chun decide to pursue a career on Broadway. A Kitten’s Year is about a new kitten exploring his world, just like Sprocky. Wabi Sabi will help me teach the Miaolings a Zen approach to life – appreciating the beauty of simplicity.

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Sprocky ❤ Books!
book 8-4-2011 8-27-41 PM
This picture was taken just three days after his surgery. He is so teeny tiny. Meeep!

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22 Responses to book shopping spree

  1. elizabethannewrites says:

    Great choices to add to the kittys’ library! Despite Mousical being about, well, mice, I think they’ll be inspired by it (and I think you’ll love it!) And I am delighted to see you finding Julie’s books! I’m waiting for my own copies of Little Bo and Little Bo in France to arrive. I had them shipped via a friend in MN so she could enjoy them first, and now I’m waiting impatiently to receive them myself!

    You might take a look at Sarah Stewart’s The Librarian… it’s about a human, but has kitties in the illustrations that I think you’ll love, and the story is great. I reviewed it on my blog somewhere…

    • elizabethannewrites says:

      Library Mouse and Library Lion are also two to look for. Maybe at the library first, to see if you like them? And if Sprocky and Chun do?

    • littlemiao says:

      Excellent! I love book suggestions from you. I will definitely take a look at those books. With his affinity for books, maybe Sprocket would like to become a Library Cat. Or maybe I will have to open a used book store for him to manage.

      Chun likes stories about mice, but not in quite the same way as we like mice.

      • trishc1812 says:

        I had a Great Aunt and Great Uncle that owned a used/rare book store. We visited them once and not only did each of us kids get our pick of (used) books but I distinctly remember browsing through the bins and finding a quietly napping kitting in one of the bins. He allowed young me to scritch him once or twice before he bounded off for a safer napping spot.

        I still have my hardback edition of the Complete Works of Winnie the Pooh. The only thing it lacked (and still lacks) is the paper jacket.

      • Lurkertype says:

        We went to a book store Sunday that had a tabby kitty napping on a chair. I skritched him (or her) and got half an eyeball open, but that was it.

  2. Oldcat says:

    I ordered something from BWB a while back and by mistake got some books someone else had ordered. They were prompt in letting me print out a postage label to send the books back so that they could go to the right person. I like to see a company that tries to fix the inevitable mistakes.

    The book I ordered came fine.

  3. What a wonderful idea – love the books you got!

  4. Oooo, never heard of that site. I’ll definitely support them! I Shall Wear Midnight is out in paperback now…uh oh

  5. Lurkertype says:

    Does Ping have a copy of “The Story About Ping”? I know he’s all grown up and kingly, but he still needs that, for his Chinese heritage.

  6. Oh wow! I just ordered a textbook for my online class from Better World Books! I was trying to find an alternative to Amazon after reading about how badly they treated their warehouse workers, and their name popped up in a Google search. They had the title I was looking for, and it was relatively affordable, so I snapped it up.

    I’m really curious about Wabi Sabi—it’s a really hard-to-explain concept, and yet it’s downright simple. A children’s picture book should be perfect for explaining it, unless the author got sidetracked and began explaining too much. But Sprocket is going to be such a well-educated young man by the time you get done with him!

    • littlemiao says:

      I didn’t know about Amazon and worker abuses but I’m not surprised.

      I’m really looking forward to the Wabi Sabi book. I took two years of Japanese but alas I was never advanced enough to encounter any transcendent concepts. I looked over the wikipedia entry on it so I can contextualize the concept for Sprocket. He probably won’t need any extra explanations, though. Cats are smart that way, even kittens. I expect Sprocket will earn his PhD by the time he is 4, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on him. Maybe he’ll decide to join Peace Corps first.

  7. Lurkertype says:

    Obviously littlem spent too long in China!

    But I think cats are naturally zen, so Sprocket can learn it from his uncles. Kemi and Mani seem very zen.

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