Chilly Autumn Caturday

I got rained on this afternoon while biking home. Cold rain plus windiness minus appropriate seasonal attire = Brrrr. And also the perfect excuse to do nothing but snuggle with Miaos and eat spiced carrot cake cookies all evening.

For the less floofy of us, snuggling with someone like Ping or Kemi is the purrfect solution on days like this. We should follow Tashi’s example.
Ping & Tashi snuggle
Tashi snuggles under the Bearaboo Blankie

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8 Responses to Chilly Autumn Caturday

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Oh yeah, I’d love to be able to snuggle and snorggle with such pretty and furry fur-babies.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    It was warm here today. But I still had a snuggly tortie during my nap. I didn’t mind.

    I’m always so jealous when I see the Bros. snuggling. If only my kitties got along at all.

    Prof Tash knows where to find the floof he doesn’t have.

    • littlemiao says:

      Aw. Poor Tortie. I’m hoping that soon Sprockey will mellow out a bit so Chun isn’t afraid of napping on my bed with me and Sprocket. He’s tired of being pounced on in his sleep. These days I sleep on a bedroll in my brother’s old room so I can be on floor-level with Sprockey. Sadly, my bedroll is actually more comfortable than my bed.

  3. msmouse7 says:

    Hey Little Miao Brothers! I really enjoy your blog and thus am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you accept the nomination, please go to my blog to accept your award. You have to do a few things, but nothing illegal 😉

  4. Lauri says:

    Prof Tashi isn’t a Prof for nothin’! He knows the theory of increasing the floof relative to the weather!

  5. Oh brrrr. They did spend their Caturday properly though.
    Our weather is the complete opposite: 80s and sunny 🙂

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