I dare you

to beep my nose.


Lotus has a No Nose Beeping policy. He also has a super flexible neck and is capable of avoiding nose-beeps without even moving. Here are some tips for the intrepid nose-beeper who cannot resist the perfectly beep-able Lotus nose:

– Wait until he’s taking a nap, but be prepared for a glare that stops buggies in their tracks.
– Put some yummy food on your fingertip. Beep, lick, beep.
– Skritch his nose bridge instead. This is acceptable.
– Sometimes virtual nose-beeping is your only solution.

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14 Responses to I dare you

  1. Oldcat says:

    Innocently scratch his neck…then go for the nose beep and he finds the second hand is holding him in place..it’s a trap!

  2. *sneak sneak sneak*
    ::looks around::

  3. lifewith4cats says:

    nose beeps. I Love it!

  4. elizabethannewrites says:

    As soon as I saw the look on Lotus’s face, I said out loud to the computer screen, “I won’t beep your nose! I promise!” He looks as though he means business. (But oh my he’s gorgeous…)

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