10 tips for your Caturday preparations

1. Practice some yoga to limber up your spine. It’s okay if you take a nap halfway through your routine.
ping 9-13-2011 3-48-34 PM

2. Unearth your favorite toys and games so you don’t have to look for them on Caturday.
mani 9-1-2011 7-12-14 AM

3. Catch a yummy birdie. It can serve as a snack tomorrow, your day of rest.
sprockey1 9-13-2011 10-46-41 AM

4. Hang a few pictures of yourself on the wall. You know you’re beautiful.
chun 9-4-2011 1-38-38 PM

5. Order 50lbs of catnip and 50lbs of bonito flakes, overnight delivery, so you can celebrate in style.
mani 9-17-2011 7-18-27 PM

6. Invite your 50 bestest friends and don’t take no for an answer – Caturday must be celebrated by all.
merlin 8-27-2011 5-25-21 PM

7. Take a bath and floofify your floof. Caturday is a day of snorgling.
Batcat Bath

8. Eat! As much as you can. You can’t celebrate Caturday on an empty stomach.
food 8-12-2011 8-11-50 PM

9. Dance a happy dance. Tomorrow is Caturday!
Tashi, Chun, and Ping!

10. Take a nap. Wake up in a couple days.
three miaos

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14 Responses to 10 tips for your Caturday preparations

  1. Laurie says:

    I almost didn’t recognize Ping so ruffled up in the first one! Usually he’s so smooth and dignified.
    These are very good rules.

  2. [this is good] Great tips from the Miao Bros!

  3. trishc1812 says:

    I love your tips.
    Especially the ‘invite 50 friend and don’t take no for an answer. Lovely picture to go with that rule, too.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    [this is good]

    Ping tummy! Recent photo of Merp!

    This is a great combo of words and pictures, littlem

  5. elizabethannewrites says:

    Love the photos and the rules. I think I’d do best at #10.

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