Dreams of my Prince

purrfect prince tweets

It has been almost month.

I dream of him almost every night, but when I wake I cannot remember the dreams. I want to remember. If dreams and memories are all that remain of him, I want to hold on to each one and make it last forever. But instead, I am left with the horrible and constant ache of his absence. If I believed in some kind of afterlife, I might think he is trying to comfort me through my dreams or the phantasms I see in the window or on the stairs. Maybe he is, but even faced with the loneliness of grief, I want to believe, but I cannot.

do not let my tears
disturb your eternal rest
napping in the sun


I cannot reply to all the touching and heartfelt comments everyone left when Prince Tantra died, but I do need to post the haiku LT composed in his honor. It describes his life perfectly.

From “Gizmo” to Prince.
Tantra was royal to the end.
Miss you, floofy Tweets.

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15 Responses to Dreams of my Prince

  1. Oldcat says:

    If you are like me, the pain lessens with time even if the missing does not. And I my absent cats still do come in my dreams, now and again.

  2. Drude says:

    Oh Sweet Little Miao, I am so sorry for your hurting and missing.
    Like you, I wish I could believe in afterlife, and I also wish I could take away some of your pains.
    You were very lucky to have such a princely love in your life…

  3. Lurkertype says:

    I don’t know if people leave ghosts, but kitties do. You can’t expect bossy Prince T to quit hanging around just b/c he’s not there in the fur. He’s got kittens to keep a sharp eye on.


    How is the Prof dealing with it? And Kemi-bear?

  4. trishc1812 says:

    I still miss my old dog, Pappy, and he’s been gone since October 2005.
    It does get easier with time. I promise.

  5. Lauri says:

    It’s so strange you should post about dreams today. Last night was the first night I have dreamed about Calli. I was running and hiding from murderers, I came around a corner and looked down a stairwell. On the landing in a dogbed was Cal. All curled up, sleeping like she loved to do. I called out to her, but she didn’t stir.
    I wasn’t upset, I just let her be and kept on running through this old church. And I realized when I woke up it was the first dream I have had about her since she died in March. I don’t know what that means (the dreaming or the not dreaming about them). But, I have missed her every day, too.
    Big hugs. As all the others said, we have been SO lucky to have these wonderful spirits in our lives.

  6. *sniff*
    I still miss Bubba and my gerbils (and it’s been more than a few years since I had gerbils). It’s turned into missing them like I miss my friends that live elsewhere. It’ll take time

  7. I’m not sure about dreams, but I do believe furbabies come back from time to time to make sure you’re okay. You don’t have to believe in an afterlife to miss them dearly, however. It’s been six years since Josie my pomerpoo died, and I still tear up thinking about him.

    And that’s okay. If you don’t love, you don’t feel heartbreak. I’d rather feel the pain than to never have had a cat or dog or other critter steal my heart.

    ((Hugs)) for you. I hope the Prince’s little brothers will comfort you and remind you what a great cat mom you are.

  8. leendadll says:

    It’s nice that he’s visiting in your dreams.
    It’s been 10 years since Mocha died and I still think of him off & on. It’s comforting that the memories don’t go away. And you have a billion more photos that I did.. not taking more is one of my very few regrets.

  9. Paula Lloyd says:

    My cat has been missing nearly a month and the last few days he has been in my dreams, always happy and at home with us. Is this just hope? It’s heartbreaking not knowing where he is, I sympathise xx

  10. robpixaday says:

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((gentle hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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