Beautiful Mani

mani 9-11-2011 2-28-15 PM
mani 9-11-2011 2-26-09 PM
mani 9-11-2011 2-25-07 PM

I still haven’t surmounted the lighting issues for Mani, but I’m getting somewhere. The afternoon sun coming in the west window in the living room was helpful. Chun constantly inserting himself into the photo frame was slightly less helpful.

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9 Responses to Beautiful Mani

  1. sunbeamz are good for pictures of dark cats 🙂

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    I think you got some great pictures of Mani’s face this time. The sun made a big difference. I wonder about a lamp in wich you could slant the shade towards his face so that the light was aimed there. Just a thought.

    I love Chun. I am sure he wanted to be in all of the pictures, 🙂

    • littlemiao says:

      I need to get a photography lamp that has diffuse light. I just need to figure out what to buy. Then I could have the light coming from the other direction too so half his face wouldn’t be shadowier.

      Chun loves you too. He is sitting by the computer screen watching me type. He caught two mice yesterday. I think he thinks that we invite mousies over just for his entertainment.

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    I was wondering, if one day, you wouldn’t mind posting a picture of each of your cats and kittens and putting a name on each picture. I would love to know all of them and their names. Thank you.

    • littlemiao says:

      That is a good idea. The “Meet the Miaos” beneath the banner has the beginnings of mini-biographies, but no photos, and I haven’t worked on it in a while.

      I should include the Miao Brothers, the Miaolings, my mother’s bengals, and my brother’s kitties (the Miao Cousins). That is quite a lot of kitteh!

  4. Lurkertype says:

    Mani-purr looks beautiful here! Good job.

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