Photographic Explorations with the Miao Brothers

I had a delightful time photographing the Miao Brothers yesterday. The afternoon sun was at the right angle and the Miaos were sufficiently rested from their morning naps. My primary objective was to take some good pictures of Mani. I think I have at least a few that do his beautiful furry face justice (I will post a sample tomorrow, but you can go to flickr if that is too long a wait). After Mani’s photo shoot, I went into the study to find several other irresistibly photogenic Miao Brothers. I enlisted the help of Papa Miao and a peacock feather – an assistant makes a huge difference. It was a productive afternoon: In addition to Mani and the group photos, I also got good individual portraits of Professor Tashi and Kemi. Lotus too – but he does not suffer from the same photographic underrepresentation as many of his brothers.

Peacock feather/Lotus blossom
lotus peacock 9-11-2011 4-23-01 PM

The whole time, Chun was bouncing in and out of the photo frame, so I probably ended up with just as many photos of him as of anyone else.

An incredibly unfocused and silly Chun
funny chunny 9-11-2011 2-23-23 PM

I will have to do this more often. I got a couple long feather duster toys with bells that should also get the Miaos dancing. I also got some Miaoly apparel: a dashing little black cape with red trim, and a sailor cap with collar. We will see if any Miao will consent to be photographed wearing them.

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6 Responses to Photographic Explorations with the Miao Brothers

  1. lol! i love the blurry pic of chun! he almost looks crosseyed!

  2. Oh, I can’t wait for these experiments! Chun looks so silly in that shot. Hardly the aloof Siamese we saw in the video yesterday 😉

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    Chun! So cute. He has that, “I can’t believe he got peacock feathers!” look on his face 😀 I cannot wait to see all of the pictures you took!!!

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