I was going to write a post about how Sprocket got trapped in his room because the doorknob broke, and Papa Miao came to the rescue, masterfully diffusing the situation despite his claim that he knows nothing of the anatomy of doors.

But I can’t type coherently because I may or may not be coming down with something. Headache, fever, chills… possibly sore throat. I have to work tomorrow. Maybe it will wait awhile before hitting me full force. Maybe it is just from being tired. I have a couple Chinese herbal formulas that ought to help if I can find them, but I’m not feeling up to a treasure hunt in the Miao mess.

I had to re-inflate the doughnut because Sprockey was twisting it so the narrow part was by his chin. He was licking his incision when I woke up this morning. !!! I tightened the strap, but when I came back this evening, it was twisted around again. Papa Miao suggested I re-inflate it and that seems to be working. I sure hope he wasn’t spending the day licking. 😦

I left my laptop open a couple minutes and when I returned to the room, it was off. When I restarted it, it *spoke* to me, in a robotic female voice. Somehow Sprocket managed to turn on the “ease of access” features. I think I figured out how to switch it off because the computer is no longer announcing every action and message.

Sprocket and Chun are sort of having a playtime. They have permission to be together so long as there is no roughhousing. I’m not sure how to define that. Sprockey was super bouncy but he may be calming down.

a 9-1-2011 12-00-36 PM

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8 Responses to bleh

  1. Oldcat says:

    Well if its any consolation, my kitties are usually quiet and nice to each other when I’m really sick. Maybe they will concentrate on nursing you back to health.

    • littlemiao says:

      I’ve noticed that too. Luckily, I was fine the next day, but I would have appreciated an excuse to have a day full of kitty cuddles. Chun tends to be nocturnal so he loves daytime cuddles.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I think Sprockey’s whiskers and eyebrows may even be more impressive than his uncle Mani’s!

    • littlemiao says:

      Hopefully some day soon I’ll get a picture of them together.

      Sprocket broke a whisker. When Lotey was a baby, *all* his whiskers were broken until he was at least a year or two.

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    Oh, Sprockey! So mischievous. I love that he turned on the female voice on the computer, lol!! I knew he was smart. I bet he is so glad to get to play with Chun again. Maybe that will keep his mind off of the stitches!! Get well soon, handsome Sprocket!

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