poor little mew… one more week?

Sprocket is at the vet right now waiting for a couple more stitches. They said that the two ends of the incision have continued to heal, but there is still a small spot in the middle (where his little bone touches) that hasn’t healed yet. At least there is no sign that it has grown to the bone again. No sign of infection. I could tell just by looking that it wasn’t fully healed, so I’m not surprised that they are requiring one more week of doughnut collar and confinement.

I’m going to talk to them more about what I can do to make the healing complete this time. I don’t honestly think that keeping him isolated from Chun really makes a difference because he manages to jump and play even when there is no one and nothing to jump and play with. But I’m afraid that isolation will still be necessary. I still don’t think they’ll recommend keeping him confined to his kitty carrier. It’s so small, there is no room for a litter box. If I kept him in a larger kennel, he would climb the bars.


During his meal-times, he is collar free. Maybe that’s why he likes eating so much.
sheng 8-6-2011 7-34-19 PM

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20 Responses to poor little mew… one more week?

  1. martinjh99 says:

    Aww poor little guy…
    Looks lovely and mischevious without that collar – Chun and the other Miaos will have to watch out!

  2. trishc1812 says:

    His pose makes me think: How regal Sprocket looks.
    He’s gonna be king of the Miaos one of these days.

  3. Mr. Guilt says:

    Poor Sprocket! I imagine with kittens it is near-impossible to keep them from bouncing about at all short of a full body cast. When Luna twisted her ankle, the vet said confine her to a carrier. The time we got home (at like 1 AM) and I got up for work 6:30, she wasn’t in for long, but it felt horrible!

    Sprocket looks all cute and floofy. Watch out once he’s received pouncing clearance.

  4. Lauri says:

    Well, we have to get this thing healed up, don’t we? It’s being very stubborn. I’m very glad there is no infection and it’s not sticking to the bone. So what’s one more week? Stay strong, Miaos!

  5. Laurie says:

    Kittens are the experts at chasing invisible toys and jumping on invisible playmates.
    He looks so wistful with his collar off — it must be so hard for you to put it back on him after meals. Poor little Miaoling.

  6. Aw, poor little guy! Finish healing so you can go play again!

  7. Lurkertype says:

    It is major surgery, so when you think about it, seven weeks isn’t really that long.

    We haven’t seen any new pictures of Sprocket in the past few weeks. How much bigger is he?

    • littlemiao says:

      I’ve been a bad chronicler. Personally, I think he has grown a ton. You’ll have to judge the evidence, which I hope to upload soon. Maybe by comparing his size relative to the blue donut?

      They only did local anesthetic for the procedure today. One of the technicians was petting him while they tended to his wound and they tell me that he was apparently enjoying the attention. He ❤ the vet. I haven't been home to see him yet, but they gave him many sprockles (sprocket staples). I'll have to try counting them.

  8. Oh, we were so hoping Sprocket would be turned loose… But, having come this far…this long… he, the Miaos, you, we must wait it out. He’s going to be the best when this is all done. Hang in there everybody.

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