Will they finally be able to play again tomorrow?

fun 8-14-2011 12-44-07 PM
fun 8-14-2011 12-46-37 PM
fun 8-14-2011 12-46-38 PM
fun 8-14-2011 12-46-38
fun 8-14-2011 12-46-40 PM

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9 Responses to Tomorrow?

  1. I love that they’re so happy. Those are calm, happy ears, and gentle paws. Happy miaos.

  2. Laurie says:

    Oh, I sure hope so!!

  3. Carlisa says:

    HAHAHA! I loooove the last pic! Sprocket was prolly thinking *ruh roh*!!!! They’ll be happy to pounce around again 🙂

  4. Lauri says:

    I hope I hope I hope!!!

  5. trishc1812 says:

    heh heh heh, Chun is going to be so used to Sprocket not being as agile as a young kitten should be—Sprocket is going to pounce and startle Chun so bad that he is going to seek cover for a half a second before pouncing back and proving to Sprocket who is the boss.

  6. Brown Suga' says:

    Jellybean toeses crossed!

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