Finally some sleepiness

Sprocket has finally calmed down. This afternoon he was a purry little sleepyhead. This is after a night of literally jumping off the walls. The highlight was when he landed on my face, dripping wet, while I was trying to sleep. Apparently he tried to go swimming in his water bowl. I wonder if he somehow got hold of my coffee bean stash?

I picked up all his toys from the floor, but of course he turned everything remaining into a toy, especially the blankets, but I’m hoping blankets provide a more gentle form of exercise. He does grip hold of them and kick them with his leg(s), which is not ideal for wound healing.

Still no Chun and no toys. Here he is with Chun’s toy basket back in the days before I realized what harm all his playfulness was causing him.
fun 8-14-2011 12-00-23 PM

I took all his toys from him, including his seemingly innocuous dog toy.
sprocky 8-4-2011 12-58-18 PM

Chun seems to think that the dog toy is a pillow, but Sprocket puts it to a very different use.
Chun resting with toyChun, April 2010

At this point, books are off limits too. He calms down for story time, but I can’t let him try to read by himself.
sprocky 8-4-2011 12-58-48 PM
sprocky 8-4-2011 12-59-55 PM

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11 Responses to Finally some sleepiness

  1. Oldcat says:

    Book biting?! Bad kitty!

    Many years ago I had a cat that used to bite into paperbacks. Sometimes if I find one with marks, I can see the closely spaced needle holes she left.

    • littlemiao says:

      Unfortunately, the Miaos have a history of book biting (and licking of dust jackets). I think my father still has an old Nero Wolfe paperback that he has kept around even though it is unreadable because one of the first ever Miao kitties (a himmie named Shulgi) shredded some pages. Now he keeps it for sentimental reasons.

  2. Drude says:

    This video on how to deactivate a kitteh made me think of your troubles with superactive Sprocket:
    – I don’t think the technique would be appropriate for Sprocket – or for longer deactivation of any cats – though.

  3. amyhftw says:

    Poor Sprocket. Just being a normal kitten is making his situation last longer than it needs to. But as soon as he’s all healed he’ll forget all about this time.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    Have you tried gentle petting and supervised front-half play? Can you put the Rescue Remedy in his water bowl? Of course, if instead of licking the water off, he wipes it off on you, that wouldn’t help.

    Poor little Sprockey!

  5. He’s so cute! Hope he stays calm enough to heal now (imagine what a little hellion he’ll be once he’s up to 100%! Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!) 🙂

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