Caturday Doughnuts

Caturday is no fun when you’re stuck in a doughnut – unless it’s an edible doughnut.


Despite Sprockey’s increasing frustration and his occasional escapes (I always catch him before he manages to get to the stairs), his incision finally appears to be healing.

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6 Responses to Caturday Doughnuts

  1. Laurie says:

    Once he’s out of that doughnut, I expect every photo of him will be a little black-and-white blur.
    Every since you’ve been posting Sprocket pix, I’ve been craving a kitten fix. This afternoon I finally got one, because I went to to a vet clinic for food and they had free-roaming adoptable kittens. I got to pick up and pet a black and white one rather like Sprockey, and s/he purred and purred for me.

  2. amyhftw says:

    Laurie’s right. As soon as he’s out of his inflatable anchor, he’s going to be creating chaoses the likes unseen by the Miao Brothers in many moons.
    Can’t wait to see Sprocket untethered!
    I wonder what Winslow was like when he was a wee little one. He’s a crazy guy at two, so he must have been into everything and more – and more quickly – than he is now!

  3. amyhftw says:

    Your banner is beautiful! Love it!

  4. Jaypo says:

    I love your banner too! I’m curious to see what he’ll do with the Blue Donut once it’s off…

  5. So good that he’s finally healing properly! He’s going to be quite the kitten rocket once he can blast out of the doughnut

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