miao kitty update

This morning, Sprocket visited the doctor, who absolutely adores him. She is happy with his recovery, but he has irritated a couple of his stitches, probably by trying to scratch his ear with his missing leg. They replaced the stitches in that spot with a teeny staple. Now, instead of getting his stitches out on Monday, he’ll have to wait until Wednesday.

Tweets, meanwhile, has been doing progressively better. He’s still spending most of his time napping in his fleecy nest in the living room, but he has been a lot more active nonetheless. His appetite is back. In addition to his recovery food that he gets by syringe, he is eating multi-course meals with his brothers.

I think I’m going to sleep a lot better tonight.

Oh Chun. I ❤ you too.

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9 Responses to miao kitty update

  1. Oldcat says:

    All excellent news. And tell Chun that getting ill to get attention isn’t worth it at all.

  2. Aw, poor Sprocket. It sounds like the vet is being super-careful with the wound, but at least it’ll all be out soon. I wonder if the sutures itch?

    And it’s good to hear Tweets is eating hearty again. That’s always a good sign in an older cat.

    And hugs for you and Chun. Hope you get to sleep in this weekend!

    • littlemiao says:

      and he had another hearty multi-course breakfast today. 🙂

      I imagine Sprocket must itch. It has to be somewhat uncomfortable, right? They only gave him one week’s worth of pain meds (kitty opioids), but since he has been as active and happy as ever, I guess he didn’t need more?

      Chun just bopped Sprocket lightly and Sprocket fell into his water dish!

  3. Yay! Good news for the mews!

  4. Eleanor says:

    I’m catching up with my blog reading today. Sorry to hear about Tweets’ health scare. I’m so glad he’s doing better now.

  5. Lauri says:

    Good news all around! Sprockie is going to have to learn to scratch that ear with his front foot! 🙂

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