sprocket skirt

While I was at work this afternoon, Sheng had an incident with his Elizabethan collar. Earlier, I had to unfasten it for him to eat, and when I refastened it I was afraid it would be too tight. Quite the opposite. He got his paws into the neck, so I had to make it tighter. Then I left. Papa Miao checked on him and found a startling sight. Poor Sheng was flopping on the floor like a fish with the collar around his waist like a skirt! A much-alarmed Papa Miao managed to rescue him, and when he checked back the second time, Sheng already had one foot through the collar. Part of the problem is that the tie is gauze, very stretchy gauze. I will try to find some ribbon to replace it with.

He licks every chance he gets.

Sheng loves climbing. He climbs my legs (not quite easy since I’m wearing shorts). He climbs my back. He climbs Papa Miao’s legs. He climbs onto his (Chun’s – they share) kitty carrier. I try to rescue him but I know he falls now and then. *thump*

He moves so fast. When I got back from work and opened his door, he was out of the room before I could blink. He zooms like a rocket. Rhymes with sprocket.

He is strong. So strong that it is hard to restrain him when he zooms out of the safety of his room or tries to wiggle out of his collar. His strength has gotten him through some tight spots. But yet he seems so fragile and we are afraid of hurting him.

He had dinner. Not nearly enough, in his opinion. I’ll give him more before bedtime. He is a malnourished little kitten used to starvation and I’m sure he would devour an entire can in one sitting if he could.

He thinks he still has his leg. He was sitting on his rump, head tilted to the side, and making an odd bouncy movement. Finally, I figured out that he was scratching his ear with his missing leg.

Chun is watching us through the grate that connects the two bedrooms. He is still confused by the fact that a zoomy little furball has occupied his room, and my time.

I was emailing my brother and Sheng typed an emoticon. I wonder what it means:


Now he is purring in my lap.

Now he is splashing in his water.

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29 Responses to sprocket skirt

  1. I think the emoticon means “I’m purring because I’m so happy with my new home.” Yup.

  2. Oldcat says:

    the [ is the collar
    the p is his mouth and tongue
    the ; is his back leg and missing leg.

    Apparently he wants to lick his sutures.

  3. Oldcat says:

    Or turn it the other way
    The ; are his eyes, one open and one winking
    the P is him licking his lips
    the [ is his food bowl.

  4. have you asked your vet about one of the comfy e collars? not the plastic ones that may help him more theyre kinda bendy and flexible


    • littlemiao says:

      Thanks! I talked to my vet and then checked out our local pet shop and they had an inflatable doughnut collar which I am using now. When Kemi had surgery a couple years ago he used one of those soft comfy cones – actually he didn’t need it at all because he never licked. But it’s way too big for Sheng. I have a feeling that the comfy cone would be better than this doughnut but it seems to be working despite not being ideal.

  5. SprocketShengRocket. Oh yeah. Total mischief. So silly!
    Have fun!

  6. Lurkertype says:

    TK once typed his official emoticon [;P which is what Tortie’s ears and face look like when she’s mad at him.

    [p; is definitely bowl, tongue, eyes.

  7. See? Already trying to make you crazy. He’s well on his way to recovery!

  8. Lauri says:

    So full of life! Rocket-Sprocket! A little bit of licking won’t hurt, but he will have to wear something to stop too much licking. Love the emoticon! A bowl and a tongue slurping some food off his nose! Hee!

    • littlemiao says:

      Good to know that a little bit of licking won’t hurt him. Hopefully the inflatable doughnut collar he’s wearing now will work out better. It looks like he has a little life jacket collar, ready for a boat ride. Yes, there will be pictures!

      It’s easier for him to eat with this new collar on, so I don’t have to take it off as often. I can even give him his meds while he’s wearing it.

  9. Vered says:

    my friend’s dog that i was telling you about, indra, always scratches her ear with her missing leg.

    i want more pictures.

  10. e2thec says:

    aww… i’m late on getting to your posts on this little guy. He’s really sweet, and I *love* that emoticon. (very all-purpose, I think, but definitely shows bowl, nose and tongue.)

    please give your boy a snuggle for me!

  11. [d: –> there, that’s the tongue in the bowl. [p; could be emoticon for purring?

    [p; [p; [p; [p; [p; <–happy for Sheng and Chun and LM!

  12. Oldcat says:

    [d; [p; [d; [p; –> lapping up milk
    [b; [p; [b; [p; –> licking lips afterward

  13. Lurkertype says:

    You’ll have to skritch his ear on that side for him.

    I had to skritch TK’s ears, face, and chin every time he’s had the cone. Luckily he’s not a Sprocket Rocket so he never got his cone off and was able to eat with it on.

    Try putting Sheng’s food on a flat, low plate or bowl that is smaller than the size of his cone. That’s how TK was first able to learn to eat with his cone on.

    • littlemiao says:

      good idea about the flat bowl. poor thing was flopping in and out of his water dish yesterday, and i had to take the cone off every time i fed him.

      i wonder how this new doughnut collar will work…

      ear-skritching will take place as soon as i get home.

  14. Awwww, poor baby – I’m glad he’s doing well post-surgerywise!

  15. Jaypo says:

    I can just picture his antics. Little sprite!

  16. leendadll says:

    It occurred to me that it’s totally interesting that he’s using the phantom leg to scratch, since it couldn’t do it before the surgery. So his brain must thing it’s been fixed, rather than removed. Cause this is what I think about when I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep.

    Crankypants linked to a looong article about “mirror therapy” for humans with phantom limbs but I doubt it would be effective for little balls of kitty energy.

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