post-surgery photos

sheng 8-2-2011 10-29-19 AM

sheng post-surgery

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18 Responses to post-surgery photos

  1. amyhftw says:

    Sweet little tripod kitty! He’ll move around without even knowing he doesn’t have the usual number of legs!

    • littlemiao says:

      His physical strength is equal to his strength of spirit. He is such a remarkable cat! I swear, even now the day after his surgery he is moving faster than Chun.

  2. Vered says:

    he’s so pretty. his long hair makes me think he might be a maine coon. the very first cat show in america was in 1895 and the winner was a maine coon. my friend debi has a maine coon named melba, and melba is a big huge b&w not-tux-not-cow cat. melba was a stray but he decided that he’d rather live with debi than live on the streets. they’re known for being very friendly.

    • littlemiao says:

      i wonder how his coat will change as his grows up. Chun, the sleek siamese, got floofier, mostly on his belly, though he is not floofy by any normal definition.

      abba misses melba toast. i don’t even know what melba toast is.

      • Oldcat says:

        Think of it as a very thinly sliced bread, dried out like a biscotti to be crunchy. A good thing to put spreads or pieces of cheese and meats on for an appetizer.

      • Vered says:

        melba toast is what melba is named after. 🙂

        it’s a dry cracker-bread. you’ve had it before, and as i recall, you didn’t like it.

        did you get my email with all the maine coon pictures?

  3. Laurie says:

    Sweet baby kitty. That head-in-a-cone needs lots of petting. Please give him some from me.

    • littlemiao says:

      i just gave him many pets from you.

      btw, i meant to tell you how much my brother enjoyed your book GODBLOG. he read it all in one night, he just couldn’t put it down. now i want to re-read it. i remember it made me cry the first time.

  4. Lauri says:

    File this under Cute or Sad? But not sad, cuz as soon as Mr. Cone comes off he will be completely Happy! 🙂

    Sooooo sweet!

  5. AuntieBellum says:

    My word, Sheng! That’s an impressive battle scar! Something to tell the grandchildren about one of these days!

    Glad he’s doing so well!

  6. Lurkertype says:

    He’s not tufty enough to be a Maine Coon — they look more like King Ping.

    He’s just an adorable piebald splotchy long-haired B&W bundle of fun.

    He even manages to still look cute in the Cone and with the big scar. The only thing I like about having parts of the kitteh shaved is how I always marvel that the skin color is where the fur color comes from.

    Ooh, he has a little splotch on his paw pad. And I see he already has a toy color-coordinated to his blankie. Stylish Sheng!

    • littlemiao says:

      My Miaos are very stylish! Chun is sharing the toy with Sheng. Chun likes the blue stripe and Sheng likes the purple stripe.

      Just wait until Sheng can wear Chun’s fairy wings. Chun has two pairs, one big, one small. The smaller ones were customized by my brother and they are super extra glittery. I think I should get a third pair in purple.

      • Oldcat says:

        My cat Julius is an interesting style of long hair, because for the most part it likes flat along the body instead of poofing out. He does have a small suggestion of a mane about the head and shoulders, but his body is too lean for a Maine Coon type of cat.

        Its hard to say just how much his injury and upbringing have impacted him and how he will turn out physically with a great home and care. It will be interesting to find out.

        His eyes remind me of a Cassie, a cat I had for twenty years – yellow and green mixed and wide open pupils. Very Striking..

  7. lauowolf says:

    It looks as if they did a very neat-handed job on the boy.
    Once he’s all properly furred, he’ll have a tidy pelt on that side and be strange-but-lovely.
    He still looks a little woosy here, but, as usual, adorable.

    • littlemiao says:

      His sutures look so perfect, don’t they? This is the same vet who saved Prince Tantra’s life when he had that awful kidney infection two years ago and who has helped many other Miao Brothers. I love our clinic so much.

      Strange-but-lovely. 🙂 Mew.

  8. Give him some pets from me too. 🙂
    (I’d also give him fresh catnip, but I’m not sure that would be such a good idea with how fast he is…)

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