pocket-sized Chun

I should be packing right now. I have a to-do list that is about a foot long and for once I got up when I intended to, so I actually have a chance of accomplishing some stuff. And these are all necessary pre-departure types of things. But before I forget it, I need to relate I dream I had about Chun.

I dreamed that I carried Chun around in my pocket wherever I went. He was his full-grown, not-so-kittenish size, and yet I managed to tote him comfortably in my left pants pocket. I don’t think my pants even had pockets, yet there he was. I did several errands in my dream, and then I went to the Y to go running even though I don’t have a membership in real life. I ran on the treadmill with Chun in my pocket. Then, as I was leaving the building, I encountered a cluster of corporate people in the lobby discussing their plans to take over the world. I didn’t want to get caught eavesdropping so I left quickly. Somehow the Y was a huge glitzy skyscraper with a mossy pond and fountain outside the main entrance. The stairs were suspended over the pond and everything reflected off the shiny skyscraper with a rather dazzling effect. I skipped down the stairs in haste and there was a *plop*. With sinking dread, I realized that I had lost my Chun! Just when I began to panic, I woke up to Chun snuggling against my left side.

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4 Responses to pocket-sized Chun

  1. Oldcat says:

    You weren’t carrying Chun in your pocket, but in your heart. That way you can carry him everywhere and never lose him.

    I wish my dreams were so sensible.

  2. Up until losing Chun (good thing you woke up when you did!), it sounds like such a fun dream! I wish we had shrink rays so we could carry pets/friends around in pockets 😀

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