eeek, a mouse!

I’m fairly calm when I encounter live mice in the Miao House, but dead mice popping out of nowhere are likely to send me into a screaming and fainting fit.

It happened two days ago. I thought Chun was eating cookie crumbs that had fallen on the floor by the oven, but it wasn’t cookie crumbs. It was a dead mousie, medium-to-large size. Chun thought I overreacted, as did Papa Miao, who came running into the kitchen thinking I had scalded myself or was otherwise involved in a medical emergency. Chun was fairly disappointed that he was deprived of a well-earned snack.

not this kind of mouse
Chun, March 2010

don’t steal my mousie!
Chun & Mousie

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14 Responses to eeek, a mouse!

  1. Oh goodness, where are they coming from?

  2. My kitties used to bring me the heads, the best part. When Eliza saw my reaction however, she began bringing me the bodies with no heads. She was considerate that way.

  3. Lauri says:

    With all of our cats we still sometimes have mousies in the house. The cats prefer to catch mice outside and leave us to have to trap the poor inside mousies.

    “Why can’t we just all get along???”

  4. GanLu says:

    how dead was the dead mousie? floppy-dead or dessicated-dead? it could have been from last year, just hidden all this time to dry out and turn into mouse-jerkey…

  5. pyrit says:

    Well, there’s a big difference between mostly dead, and ALL dead. You know what you do when they’re ALL dead? You look through their pockets for loose change.

  6. Carlisa says:

    Hi Littlem! I have the same prob with meesies, but mostly during cold weather. We have 4 cats who never could catch one; leave it to me to be the one to accidently drop the toaster oven on the little rodent and break it’s back 😦 Gonna check out the tp link- I hate killing them, too and also freak and scream. My mom thinks it’s funny- I don’t!!!

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